A Tale Of Two Images

The photo of Councilman-at-Large Bullock that ran with Ryan Puente's story on the councilman's re-election campaign launch may not sync with the memories of those who attended Congressman Kucinich's October 2015 press conference about saving Lakewood Hospital. 

In stark contrast to the peaceful picture in the article, the councilman repeatedly interrupted the press conference with: "Shame on you!" and other disparaging shouts at State Senator Mike Skindell and [former] Congressman Kucinich. The immature behavior wasn't limited to his shouting during the conference - the councilman accosted Save Lakewood Hospital volunteers even after SLH co-chair Tom Monahan and I told him to stop.

His rudeness aside, the councilman's behavior set a poor example for the children and young adults present. 

While everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, you must express it in a civil manner. Yes - manners.

The councilman's behavior causes one to fairly wonder if he understands that holding public office is a privilege, not a bully pulpit from which to torment those whose views he disagrees with.

This November, ask yourself: Do you want a representative who cannot or will not control his behavior? 

Bob Soltys is a writer and a former Navy officer.



Bob Soltys

Bob Soltys is a writer and a former Navy officer. 

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Volume 13, Issue 16, Posted 9:34 PM, 09.19.2017