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Overlook Park Neighborhood Association is proud to announce its 2016 Beautification Award Winners. The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizing continuous excellence in landscape design and appearance goes to Cheryl and David Jerome on Edgewater Lane. David and Cheryl lovingly and meticulously tend to the yard themselves and each garden bed offers something new and spectacular to the avid gardener and casual visitor alike.
The Special Recognition Award recognizes excellence in either exterior historical preservation or major landscape renovation, or significant projects which result in improved curb appeal which is beneficial to the entire neighborhood. Lori and Mike Petti of Wilbert Rd. are the recipients this year for the addition of this beautiful and inviting back porch and the landscaping surrounding it. It complements the house architecturally and is thoroughly enjoyed by the family. Both landscaping (a work in progress) and porch were designed by another resident of Overlook Park, Julia Artbauer.
The Rose Cliff Award recognizes creativity and beauty in the presentation of landscape flowers, both annual and perennial. Julia and David Huffman of Wilbert Rd. are the recipients this year for the beautiful collection of flowers and shrubs in both their front and back yards. The Huffman's yard is full of history as many of the plants came from previous homes. The phlox was originally in David's grandparents' garden in the late 1930s. Some ended up in David's childhood home in Clifton Park in the 60s and now on Wilbert 30 years later. The hydrangeas are propagated from a original lace cap variety given to Julia by her mother many years ago.
The Hickories Award recognizes excellence in overall landscape presentation and maintenance. Our ship shape award. The winners this year are David Meeker and Robert Tuhacek on Lake Avenue. They meticulously maintain their yard but the backyard is a slice of heaven with carefully pruned shrubbery, a well kept patio, a gorgeous assortment of plants such as ferns, hostas, boxwood and annuals, and eclectic sculptural touches from planters to artwork.
Overlook Park is very lucky to have so many residents that contribute to their community with the beautiful upkeep and cultivation of their landscape. Congratulations to this year's winners.
Gaynel Mellino is the president of Overlook Park Neighborhood Association and has been a Lakewood resident for 27 years.

Gaynel Mellino

President, Overlook Park Neighborhood Association. Lakewood ressident for 27 yrs.

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