STNA Your Way: Creating Your Healthcare Future

What if you were offered a career choice that would permit you to begin working in the healthcare field in just two weeks? A jumpstart to a career that costs just $600 which will be mandatorily, 100% reimbursed, by the first Facility that hires you; it’s a State law. STNA (State Tested Nursing Assistant) is that Program and there is one right here in Lakewood, OH!

Obtaining an STNA license is dependent on the successful completion of an Ohio Department of Health- approved Program and subsequent passing of the State Competency Exam. Once the program is completed an STNA Registry card will be issued and the student is on their way to enjoying a bright and shiny new career in the healthcare field. The Lakewood Learning Center offers the STNA Your Way Program monthly; running day & evening classes.

The STNA Your Way Program Coordinator is Joni Nowak RN/CCRN, a critical care nurse, in the State of Ohio 38 years. Joni has spent most of her career in Trauma but has worked in many Long Term Care (LTAC) Facilities along the way, affording her a first-hand look at the job of the STNA. Driven to train the highest quality STNA in the job market today, she applied for her Program Coordinator (PC) status and opened ‘STNA Your Way’ one of the most complete, convenient and affordable Programs in the area.

The medical community as a whole, remains grappling with a shortage of Primary Care Physicians, Nurses & STNA’s. The shortage is being further strained by a disproportionately aging population. Healthcare practitioners, including the STNA, are now mandated to meet certain core competencies to obtain jobs in the healthcare field. The Lakewood Learning Center opened its doors in 2012 as an American Heart Association Training Center. In March of 2015 we broadened our course curriculum to include the State Tested Nursing Assistant Program. To date we have trained over 75 STNA’s with a ‘pass’ rate of 87% on the written portion of the State Exam and a 96% on the skills portion of the State Exam… one of the highest cumulative ‘pass’ rates in the State of Ohio!  

The Lakewood Learning Center has assisted in placing 100% of those, who want to be working, in healthcare jobs. These graduates are working in area Nursing Homes and Hospitals getting paid far above minimum wage, enjoying full-time hours/full-time benefits on a career path they can be proud of. STNA jobs are in high demand.  As Home Care Agencies continue to grow in popularity, due to the high cost of caring for the elderly, the demand for well-trained STNA’s is ever-increasing. As the nursing shortage reaches a critical level, the demand for RN’s and STNA’s to assist them, will continue to skyrocket. To that end, the Lakewood Learning Center is cultivating a quality Program; STNA your Way, to meet those needs.  
‘STNA Your Way’ is the most affordable Program around where timely State Competency Testing and job placement are guaranteed through the Program. So, if you know someone with an aptitude for caring, please send them our way! A big heart and an empathetic personality coupled with a two week accelerated course in providing care for the elderly are the only criteria necessary for a quality STNA job anywhere in the region.

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Joni M. Nowak RN/CCRN: Program Coordinator: STNA Your Way

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