“Build Lakewood” Insiders’ PAC Hurt Healthcare and Costs Taxpayers Over $184 Million-Vote Against 64

In the last Lakewood Observer, Jim Kenny, a spokesman for “Build Lakewood” recently rebranded as an insiders’ fake “progress” Political Action Committee (PAC) published some seriously false claims. The Rebranded PAC is the same group of insiders who last year took $50,000 in charitable money from the hospital and spread the same kind lies to “win” by cheating. Here is a point by point rebuttal of the claims made by the PAC:  

Insiders’ Lie #1: Issue 64 is “No costs to taxpayers.” 

Facts: The total cost to taxpayers is $184M right out of the gate. The Master Agreement has caused $107M in taxpayers’ healthcare assets to leave Lakewood, it will cost taxpayers $22M in income taxes over the next 11 years, and the Master Agreement gave away $55M in capital improvements to taxpayers’ assets—previously guaranteed by the Cleveland Clinic. 

Insiders’ Lie #2: “Your healthcare experience won’t need to change."

Facts: Healthcare has changed for 19,000 hospital Emergency Room patient visits per year that used to go to Lakewood Hospital before it closed. $7 million per year in charity care ($77 million for the balance of the Lease) is gone. The wealthy insiders care more about money than working class people in need of healthcare. The Insiders PAC and the Cleveland Clinic are shipping in overworked medical residents while the experienced doctors have been forced out of Lakewood by the destructive Master Agreement.

Insiders’ Lie #3: “Better yet, a vote for requires the Clinic pays Lakewood an additional $19.6 million for transition costs and to help the City of Lakewood redevelop the old site” 

Facts: The Clinic pays nothing for transition costs—ZERO.  The only money paid by the Clinic to the city is $1.6M for 1.8 acres of land on the east side of Belle, but taxpayers foot the bill for $3.6M in demolition costs and a $2.5M gift to the Clinic for their parking lot—A net taxpayer loss of $4.6M to gift city land to the Clinic.  Its Nuts! Only $8M is paid for Columbia Road (a taxpayer asset) that was valued at $13M---Cost to taxpayers for sale of Columbia Road--$5 million loss to taxpayers.

Insiders’ Lie #4: “Meanwhile $32 million is being deposited into a new Lakewood foundation dedicated to improving our community’s health.”

Facts: The “new” foundation is not going to be controlled by Lakewood—it will be controlled by the Clinic and the same old insiders who destroyed the hospital using charitable money for their own goals, not the goals of Lakewood’s citizens.  The “private” foundation won’t be fully funded until 2026---true value of the funding is only $16.5M, at a cost to taxpayers of $184M (see above).

Insiders Spin: “When you see the unvarnished facts, I believe you’ll recognize that the choice is clear. We need to keep quality healthcare in Lakewood.”

Facts:  The Master Agreement destroys Lakewood’s public healthcare assets and seriously degrades healthcare in Lakewood.

Stop the Insiders and their lies.

Vote AGAINST 64.

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Volume 12, Issue 20, Posted 5:03 PM, 09.27.2016