Bad Government 10: Summers Admits “Life Is On The Line” And “Community Is Better Served” By A Hospital

At his press conference last week in front of firetrucks standing shoulder to shoulder with Fire Chief Scott Gilman, Summers said:

  1. “When Life is on the Line, Let’s Make Sure We Know the Truth.” 
  2. “We did lose a Valuable Service that served this community for 100 years.”
  3. “They (The Against 64 group) believe that the community is better served by a local inpatient care. I don’t dispute that.”

So there you have it from Summers’ own lips—there is no dispute that what Save Lakewood Hospital is working for would better serve the community.

Lives are on the line and a hospital would better serve our community and save lives. Summers said it.

Chief Gilman said at the press conference: “It takes longer to get to the hospital” now that the hospital is closed.

So why did Summers hold his press conference when there is no dispute that lives are at stake?

Summers said at the press conference: “I am deeply disturbed by the allegations and untruths spread by people in our community who are politically motivated and who are trying to scare others by attacking our emergency service system here in Lakewood.”  But Summers failed to be specific about any alleged “untruths” or even the “people” allegedly spreading them. Perhaps that’s because nobody is “attacking our emergency service system in Lakewood.” By Summers’ own words, it can’t be the Against 64 group or Save Lakewood Hospital, because Summers admits that they are proposing something that “better serves our Community” and saves the “lives that are on the line.”

So Summers held a press conference to set up a lie (a straw man) that he could knock down.

So it is Summers spreading politically motivated lies trying to scare people when “Life is on the Line.”

How sad.

And certainly, very bad government.

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Volume 12, Issue 20, Posted 5:03 PM, 09.27.2016