Recycling Facts For You

Recycling facts and information for kids…

Here are some recycling facts for you. We all know it's important for our enviroment. So here are some facts to read up on. :)

Paper should not be thrown away, as it is not biodegradable (Cannot Break Down)

If you threw away paper 43 years ago, it would still be there today.

You can recycle paper, plastic, aluminum, metal cans and glass.

When items at a recycling center are sorted, they are bailed. When an item is bailed, the materials are packed together to make a little box (If you’ve ever seen Wall-E, you might know about what they  look like.                                          

When we Recycle…we are taking materials from things we would normally throw in the trash, and making them into new products and things of such.

Make sure you recycle that soda can because doing so will save energy and natural resources.

Recycling Loop: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

When we recycle, we save money and energy. Also, we save space in our landfills.

Recycling will help to rid us of pollution and another benefit is that it doesn’t damage the environment if you just recycle!

The process of recycling: You basically put out your recyclables in the recycling receptacle. At a recycling center, or place, your recyclables are sorted, either by machines or people. Once everything is sorted, then they are baled.

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