The RNC Needs Houses To Rent: Is Your House RNC Ready?

In July of 2016, Cleveland and North East Ohio will be the center of the Republican Party Universe. Cleveland will play host to the RNC Convention. Besides bringing an economic boom to our region, North East Ohio will be a crowded place.  An estimated 50,000 politicians, delegates, support personnel, and party faithful will descend on our beautiful “North Shore.”

Cleveland area hotels don’t have the capacity to house members of The Grand Old Party. Where will they stay? In my humble opinion, the answer to this question is Lakewood, Ohio. Why Lakewood you say? The classic real estate mantra:  Location, Location, Location. Lakewood has it all:

  • Easy access to downtown.

  • Beautiful homes.

  • Restaurants and coffee shops galore.

  • Recreation options, from golf in the Rocky River Reserve to relaxing in one of our beautiful parks.

  • A welcoming Chamber of Commerce and City Government.

OK, you’re sold on Lakewood. However, before you go out and list your home on the internet expecting hundreds if not thousands of future Republican Convention attendees to request information on renting your house, as you press the button to post it, take a reality check. Is renting your house a do-it-yourself proposition? Is your house RNC ready? What does "RNC ready" even mean?

There are three steps to a successful RNC rental experience:

  1. Prepare and stage your house to appeal to the typical RNC renter. While your home is furnished and tastefully decorated, you will need to view it objectively using an upscale hotel room/timeshare mindset. What amenities would you expect from such a hospitality facility? It is important that you strike a balance between your lifestyle and your guest’s comfort and convenience.

  2. Market your home. Decide how you will market your home. Will you use the internet? What websites will you post on? What social media will you use? What pictures will you post? How will you schedule showings for a prospective renter? What leasing agreement will you use? These documents need to be prepared by an attorney.

  3. Manage your property. The RNC will expect the property to have 24/7 emergency service and maintenance, dedicated customer service, and possibly maid service. While there are many property management issues, you will want a move-out inspection.

If the above seems like a daunting task, you’re right. Renting to the RNC is NOT a do-it-yourself proposition. We are fortunate in Lakewood as the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County has selected Howard Hanna as the Official Real Estate Company for the Convention. We have a local office right on Warren Road at Hilliard.

Howard Hanna takes the guesswork and headaches out of renting your home for the RNC Convention:

  1. Home Preparation. Checklists to make your home RNC ready. Initial property/rent-ready inspection.

  2. Marketing. Advertising your home through the Official Howard Hanna RNC website. Scheduling and showing prospective renters your home as necessary. Lease template.

  3. Property Management Services. Key delivery/late-night key pick-up. 24/7 emergency service and maintenance coordination. Dedicated customer service number for guest. Maid service, if needed. Homeowner accounting with detailed statements and year-end 1099. Move-out inspection.

For additional information about this historic opportunity, Lakewood homeowners can visit Howard Hanna Realtor® Maggie Robinson’s website and click on the RNC Convention button on the menu or they reach Maggie at (216) 970-5779.

Maggie Robinson

Tim Robinson is VP Marketing for "MaggieSELLSLakewood", in real estate with his lovely wife, Maggie Robinson, Lakewood, OH realtor with Howard Hanna!

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Volume 11, Issue 9, Posted 1:16 PM, 04.28.2015