Tower Garden - The Farmers Market On Your Porch

Changing the world one seed at a time

Living in the Northeast is challenging for finding fresh healthy organic produce year round. Are choices for fresh food, and fresh produce limited based on the season we are in? Trying to find fresh tomatoes, basil or watermelon outside in your garden is pretty much a hopeless thought for us hibernating Ohioans in the middle of winter.

Or is it?

The Efficient, Healthy, Organic, reproducing, farmers market is here! It does not matter if it is winter, spring, summer or fall. Being able to grow your own fresh produce year round is essential for health, vitality, and economic growth. Let me introduce something that is already helping families save money on groceries, helping restaurants grow their own food, and feeding children in schools and across the country, the Tower Garden.

Tower Garden is a state-of-the-art vertical aeroponic growing system. It’s perfect for rooftops, patios, balconies, terraces - just about any relatively sunny place outside or inside with lighting. The best part is you don’t need any gardening experience to use Tower Garden. Its compact, state-of-the-art vertical aeroponic system fits easily on patios, rooftops, terraces, and - most of all - it is easy, healthy and economically very efficient. It comes with everything you need, even the seeds. 

Using aeroponics and our specially formulated TowerTonic plant food, it grows almost any vegetable, herb, or flower - and many fruits in less time than it takes in soil. Recent studies have shown Tower Garden to generate up to 30% more produce compared to traditional soil gardening during the same time period. Tower Garden also helps you eat more fruits and vegetables by letting you grow delicious vine-ripened produce right outside your back door. Grow almost anything you like, including tomatoes, lettuce, basil, peppers, spinach, beans, cucumbers, melons, and herbs. And increase your children’s interest in eating fresh fruits and vegetables by involving them in gardening. They learn about science and agriculture everyday by seeing something alive grow. The ability to plant one seed and generate one plant that will keep reproducing food until you decide you want a differnt plant makes the possibilities endless with the tower garden.

My goal is to help families, bussiness, and cities, save money and control their food source one seed at a time. If you would like more information on where you can get your own Tower Garden and join a large loving community of Urban gardeners, I can be contacted at or you can call me directly at 440-503-6911. Live a juiceplus day and we can get your garden growing as soon as you would like. Cheers.

Christopher Dan is an Exercise Physiologist and Urban Gardener.

Christopher Dan

Hello, my name is Christopher Dan, I have a Bachelor degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Physiology, and Bussiness. I am a resident of Norwalk Ohio. Grew up in Parma Ohio, and have been apart of Lakewood, and its community since 2006. I would like to introduce myself and say that I believe in whole nutrition, Science and the combination of both. as cliche as it may sound, I believe one person can make a difference. If I help people meet their goals, all of my goals will be met as well. Inspiring healthy living around the world is what I'm about..NIce to meet you, now lets go change the world.

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Volume 11, Issue 6, Posted 4:41 PM, 03.17.2015