Some Lakewood Photoart

A stunning frost design on my attic window

As a recent addition to Lakewood from NYC where I was a member of their press corps (WSJournal, NYPost, BXTimes), NYFW photographer, and sports photographer for NIKE Basketball, I bought a beautiful Victorian home on Grace Ave. Needless to say, my wife who was raised here, is thrilled! So I decided to keep a Facebook photoblog/journal entitled "Catching the light in Lakewood". (

I've taken a few photos while here (since January 9) but the one that has most intrigued me and close to 250+ viewers on Facebook is a photo of a frost design on one of my attic windows. It is so beautiful, it appears as if it was engraved on the glass and then frozen over but I checked repeatedly and it's the work of Mother Nature. My question to her is, "How did you learn to draw so perfectly and with such grace?"

I've added the photo below.

Alexander Belisle

Just moved here from NYC where I was a member of their press corps (WSJournal, NYPost, BXTimes . . . ), shot for NYFW and most recently NIKE Basketball.Before that I was a teacher for 26 years and an NEH Fellow. I bought a beautiful, large Victorian home on Grace Ave. My wife was raised in Lakewood and is thrilled to be back.

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Volume 11, Issue 6, Posted 4:41 PM, 03.17.2015