Mature Massage

Among the many unique business offerings in downtown Lakewood is a studio that specializes in massage for senior citizens.

The therapists at Gold-In-Touch are licensed by the State Medical Board of Ohio and specially certified in geriatric massage by the renowned Daybreak Geriatric Institute. Massage therapy is especially beneficial for seniors because more than 80 percent of persons beyond the age of 65 are experiencing some type of health issue related to aging.

Included among the more common health challenges are diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, osteoporosis, edema, coronary artery disease, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, along with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Special considerations and techniques are used by the therapists when working with clients exhibiting any of these concerns and conditions.

We take into consideration that many people have age-appropriate condition, yet some are more frail and others are more robust and active. Just as there is no typical teenager, there is no typical senior. That’s why we tailor each massage session to the condition of each individual.

In addition, massage tables at the Gold-In-Touch studio recline for those persons who are not comfortable lying flat on their backs or stomachs. The most important consideration is accommodating each person’s circumstances and individual needs.

Therapists go through a brief consultation and postural analysis with each client to determine which type of massage will be most beneficial. There are some instances in which a client is required to get approval from his or her physician before receiving massage treatment.

For some, massages must be limited to 30 minutes. Other seniors can handle a one-hour full body massage. We have senior clients who need assistance getting on and off a massage table and yet we have others that are as fit and active as persons 30 years younger than their actual age.

Gold-In-Touch was the official massage therapy company of the 2013 National Senior Games and that was very inspiring for us. There were many people in their 80s and 90s – even a few more than 100 years old – competing in events.

Even the most active seniors benefit greatly from massage. The major benefits include increasing circulation, softening hardened muscle and tissue, stimulating the nervous system and relaxing the anxious mind. In addition to warmth and neural stimulation, massage creates a physiological feeling of well-being. That’s very important for those who are increasingly feeling lonely and having difficulty sleeping – no matter how healthy or unhealthy they feel physically.

Remember, aging is not an illness but a process we are all going through. That process becomes frustrating as people experience a decrease in their mobility and muscle strength. Thinner and drier skin, loss of bone mass, chronic stress and anxiety, inactivity, and a less efficient immune system are all effects of aging. Keeping the mind and body functioning optimally is the key benefit of geriatric massage.

Gold-In-Touch will hold an informational discussion on these and many more “Benefits of Massage for the Senior Citizen” at 2 p.m. Tuesday, November 25 in the lower level conference room of the I.N.A. Building at 14701 Detroit Ave. in Lakewood.  The event is free but seating is limited so reservations are requested. Call the studio at 216-704-0794 or e-mail to reserve a seat.

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