Tri C Speaks At O'Neill Healthcare Lakewood About Upcoming Levy

Residents and patients at O’Neill Healthcare Lakewood gathered Friday, October 3 to hear about the upcoming levy, Issue 6 for Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C). Marvin Richards, Executive Director of Business Continuity volunteered on his vacation time to come spread the importance of Levy 6 and the future of affordable education in Cuyahoga County. As a veteran himself, Marvin connected to many of the veterans in the audience who shared opinions with him on the GI bill for education and Marvin discussed some of the changes throughout years as well as various programs that Tri-C does to reach out to veterans for further education.

Tri-C  is celebrating its 50th Anniversary and many of the residents and patients at O’Neill Healthcare Lakewood remember when the school opened. On September 23, 1963, the largest first day enrollment for a community college in the nation’s history took place at Cuyahoga Community College’s first home, the 19th century Brownell School building in downtown Cleveland which was leased from the Cleveland Board of Education. The initial enrollment was just over 3,000 students. Today, the College serves over 55,000 credit and noncredit students each year. Now one of the largest colleges in Ohio and the largest in Greater Cleveland,

Nick Kap, patient at O’Neill Healthcare’s Skilled Nursing remembers the opening of Tri-C , “I remember the college opening in 1963, the year I graduated high school. Many of my classmates were the first to attend. It was the first, truly affordable chance many had for further education. Over the years, I have seen the impact great impact the school has made in the area. Recently, when I was in the hospital, and here at O’Neill Healthcare Lakewood, I have had nurses tell me they received their education at Tri-C. I can see the great results in their education while they provide me with excellent care. I fully support Cuyahoga Community College”. Richard Marvins shared with us that Cuyahoga Community College is one of the largest providers of healthcare education in Ohio.

Cuyahoga Community College is not just for the young, but also those young at heart. Mr. Richards discussed the importance of continuing education and job growth. 85% of those who attend Tri C stay in Cuyahoga County to work and live. Resident Lillian Miller shared after being in the work force years ago, she went to Tri C to take some typing classes. Lillian proudly stated by the time she was finished her typing and speed had greatly increased and she saw the difference her additional education made in the workplace.

After Marvin Richards presentation many residents, patients and staff enjoyed a fruit and cheese reception sharing various experiences either personal or with those of family members attending Tri-C and discussed the importance on voting.

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Volume 10, Issue 22, Posted 5:40 PM, 10.28.2014