New Study Finds Probiotics Reduced Cholesterol

Nature's Bin, Lakewood’s own independent natural food store, reports a large new review of more than two dozen clinical studies that found a particular strain of probiotics, L. reuteri, lowered total and bad cholesterol most. Probiotics, known for digestive health, also play an important role in managing cholesterol, doctors in the study said.

The report is part of the October, 2014, issue of Natural Insights for Well Being®, which Nature's Bin publishes free each month for friends and neighbors in the Lakewood community to help teach about new scientific research on the benefits of good nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Also in the October issue, lycopene, one of the most powerful natural antioxidants, helped relax blood vessels and increased blood flow in those with heart disease; people who had a first heart attack lived longer when adding whole grain fiber to the diet, and omega-3 fatty acids protected against stroke, among several other important findings.

“We are finding out more about the benefits of simple, everyday nutrition choices that can improve health and prolong life,” said Nicki Schneider, Vitamins/Supplements and HBA Manager at Nature's Bin. “This month, we report new findings published in well-respected, peer-reviewed scientific journals such as ‘Nutrition Reviews,’ the ‘Public Library of Science One,’ the ‘British Medical Journal,’ and the “Journal of the American College of Nutrition,” among several others.”

Natural Insights for Well Being® is free, and Nature's Bin invites all those who wish to gain more valuable nutrition knowledge to stop in and pick up the October issue or view it on our website by going to the "Wellness Resources" tab at

Nature’s Bin, a full service natural and organic foods market located in Lakewood, is operated by the nonprofit, Cornucopia, Inc. This natural foods market serves as a training site for a unique and successful program that provides vocational training leading to employment for people with disabilities. Programs hosted at Nature’s Bin serve people with a wide range of disabilities including developmental disabilities, autism, mental illness, visual, speech and hearing impairments, and injuries resulting from accident or illness. What distinguishes the programs at Nature’s Bin from other training facilities is the real-work learning environment. Trainees work side-by-side with staff members in all aspects of retail service, facing the challenges and rewards of competitive employment in a caring, supportive atmosphere. Cornucopia/Nature’s Bin has been serving people with disabilities since 1975.

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Volume 10, Issue 22, Posted 5:40 PM, 10.28.2014