Adding Value To Your Home

Whether you are a new home owner, or have been in your home for years, there are several ways to economically add value to your home. A recent article by the Akron/Cleveland Area Board of Realtors (AKAR) suggested 8 home improvements under $5,000 that will also provide the best return on your investment when it is time to sell.

MOLDING: Whether it is crown molding, chair rail, or shoe molding, adding this budget-friendly finishing touch will spruce up a room and give it a "finished, expensive appearance." At under $10 per foot it is an easy way to add a touch of class that will catch a buyer's attention when it is time to sell.

CEILING FANS: Replace your old, noisy fans with a quality, energy efficient model. Choose a size and model that is large enough for your room, and one that compliments your decor. It will not only give your room a fresh look at a reasonable cost, but will also assist with energy costs.

LANDSCAPING: A well landscaped home, with mature trees, can quickly add value to your home while providing immediate benefits. Planting trees on the south side of your home will provide shade during the heat of the day, and will help reduce your summer cooling costs. Planting trees and shrubs on the north and west sides of your property will provide a buffer from the harsh winter winds, reducing your winter heating bills by as much as 30%. A well kept yard, properly landscaped, tells your potential buyer you care about your property, inside and out.

PATIOS & DECKS: Installing a simple patio or deck will not only increase your "living" space with out a big addition but also connect your interior space to the exterior. Remember to keep it simple, with some basic lighting, and you will recover as much as 60% of your investment down the road.

HOME SECURITY: Let's face it, peace of mind is priceless. The benefits of adding a home security system are endless. You'll sleep better at night knowing you are protected; you'll save money on your home owner's insurance if you have a system that is monitored; and you'll be more marketable to buyers when it is time to sell. Do your home work. Find a local, reputable company with a good track record.

ENERGY EFFICIENT UPGRADES: Whether you are converting a wood burning fireplace to an energy-efficient gas system, or replacing the 20 year old furnace with a high-efficiency system, you'll enjoy the reduction in energy costs and a return on your investment when it is time to sell, as much as 9% higher than a similar home with no energy efficient upgrades.

STORAGE SYSTEMS: Nothing is more disappointing than finding your dream home just to realize that storage is at a minimum. Put your thinking cap on and analyze your home top to bottom to find creative ways to add more storage and built-in systems to keep you organized. It can be as simple as adding over-head storage systems in your garage to opening up walls to add pull-out shelves and drawers. Don't overlook the space under your stairs either. You'll be amazed at what you can do with limited space!

LIGHTING: Brighten up your home's interior with energy efficient bulbs. Adding under counter lighting in your kitchen will make a dramatic impression on buyers while providing ample lighting for the chef in your house. The addition of exterior lighting will enhance your landscaping and call attention to your home. Solar lights have come a long way and are economical. A hard wire system for an average lot will run about $250 or so. You'll be amazed in the improvement to your curb appeal!

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