Springtime With The Old House Fair

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Springtime is finally here and a homeowner’s thoughts turn towards…. The Lakewood Old House Fair!

If you haven’t made it to one in the past, please do yourself a favor and join us. It’s a great source of information to help maintain and improve your Lakewood home from Lakewood businesses and experts. And if you’re so inclined, I’ll be glad to share advice and tips on maintaining your trees. You live in Lakewood, so most likely you have a tree or 2 occupying a significant place around your home. Here’s an opportunity to learn more about them.

As a Certified Arborist and a member of Lakewood’s Tree Task Force, one of my most important tasks is dispelling myths about trees, and teaching people how to best care for them. (Did you know that most mature trees do not have a tap root? It’s true!) I will be speaking twice during the Fair, offering tips and information that can help you care for your tree. Since your tree makes your property more valuable, cools the air around your house, reduces your energy bills, cleans the air, and helps you recover from illness more quickly, doing what you can for it is simply thanking it for giving so much to you.

If you ever wondered if your tree was safe or healthy, or if you have specific questions regarding things like care and pruning, please feel free to join me at the Fair. Understanding how and why trees grow is critical to proper care and maintenance. In the aftermath of last year’s hurricane, learning how to keep a tree healthy so it has the best chance to survive the next big storm is critical. There are some simple things you can do, and I’ll be sharing them.

I look forward to seeing you April 27th at Harding Middle School!

John Palmer

ISA Certified Arborist

Owner – PlanetCare Landscape and Arboricultural Services

Look for us on Facebook. Search: PlanetCare

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Volume 9, Issue 8, Posted 9:37 PM, 04.16.2013