The Miraculous Metamorphosis Of Caterpillars To Butterflies, Part Two

Even though this butterfly's wings were a little crumpled, it flew away.

Some of my second grade classmates' comments didn't make it into the notes for the article we wrote about the butterfly cycle in the Lakewood Observer so I am adding them now.

Jack Gollon: "I loved watching the butterflies break out of the chrysalises and fly around our classroom cage." Koen Childers: "It was amazing to watch the stages from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly. It was really cool." Afrah Haque: "I liked when the butterflies flew into the air and some landed on children's bodies! A few butterflies even followed us home!" Nadeem Syed: "Butterflies have a long straw called a proboscis to drink the nectar from the flowers." Montaz Phelps: "The butterflies had orange, black and brown on their wings." Hunter Tate:"Caterpillars spin a chrysalis." Michael Burnley: "I was amazed by the whole cycle."

Now that it is cold, we hope they have all arrived in their warm homes.

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Volume 8, Issue 25, Posted 10:01 PM, 12.11.2012