The Miraculous Metamorphosis Of Caterpillars To Butterflies

Our principal, Ms. Ramsey, joined us for the release party.

My class (Mrs. Berry's) and Mr. Schreiner's class got caterpillars and we put food in there, and we were assigned partners. I was partners with Casey. We watched the whole entire cycle, starting with baby caterpillars, then bigger caterpillars, and then chrysalises and then finally, butterflies. We let them go in a butterfly ceremony in Grant's garden, where we sang songs and released them into the sky.

We decided that all of us wanted to write an article about it for the Observer. Here it goes, first Mrs. Berry's class:

Sam Nelson and Max D'Apollo: "Inside the chrysalis the caterpillar changes its head, loses the jaw used for chewing, and develops compound eyes."

Rhiannon Riker: "The caterpillar chews and the butterfly drinks nectar with a long tube called a proboscis."

Aidan Ginley: "I was amazed that the butterflies pumped blood through their wings as soon as they came out of the chrysalis."

Julia Kompier: "It is amazing that butterflies taste with their feet!"

J'Vien Martinez: "I was amazed that the butterflies flew toward the sun when we released them."

Casey Funk: "Watching them fly away was a beautiful sight."

Gehad Abuaun: "I was amazed when we watched the first chrysalis twitch and the butterfly wiggled out."

Sophie D'Apollo: "I am amazed that the caterpillar grows WINGS inside its chrysalis!"

Mitchell Bookman: "I found it amazing that caterpillars molt and shed their skins as they get bigger!"

John McMarlin: "I am amazed that the caterpillars grew wings that had brown and orange scales."

Mishela Dajlanaj: "I loved watching the butterflies fly higher and higher into the air around our school."

Meredith Wheeler: "I was shocked that the butterfly with the crumpled wings was able to fly."

Calyn Smith: "I was surprised that not all caterpillars spun a silk button and chrysalis at the same time."

Madalynne Sorge: "I learned that we had to be very careful when the caterpillars were in their chrysalides. If we shook the table, a chrysalis could fall and damage the developing butterfly."

Ahmed Mansour: "I learned that butterflies have to be warm in order to fly."

Autumn Clute: "I learned that butterflies help pollinate flowers."

Larry Jones: "I was surprised that butterflies use their antennae to fly and find food."

Now here's Mr. Schreiner's class:

MacKenna Banhidy: "I like when the butterfly emerged from the chrysalis."

Kennedy Cahal: "I learned that some caterpillars die while in their chrysalis."

Max DeLuca: "I learned that butterflies start their life cycle in eggs."

Muhammed Alhanash: "I enjoyed watching the butterflies fly away while we sang."

Ava Bruening: "I liked when one of the butterflies flew onto my foot!"

Lydia Watkins: "I liked releasing the butterflies."

Mohammed Sabeiha: "I liked putting mallow in the cup for the caterpillars to eat."

Ben Nelson: "I loved watching the caterpillars grow bigger and bigger everyday."

Nathan Stillman: "I liked watching the caterpillars become butterflies."

Kaleigh Rivera: "I learned that when butterflies first flap their wings, they pump their wings full of blood."

Rebecca Mannion: "I liked watching the butterflies fly away."

Isabelle Reay: "I liked watching the butterflies come out of their chrysalis."

Duniya Abukhalil: "I liked when the butterflies were released and one flew onto my finger!"

Greg White: "I liked taking pictures with the butterflies."

Ma'Liek Delaney: "I liked wearing our butterfly hats and singing our butterfly songs."

Cayleigh Austin: "I liked singing the songs and watching the butterflies fly away."

Alejandro Nieves Bucey: "I liked pressing the mallow into the cup and singing butterfly songs."

Ada Davidson: "I liked holding the butterfly on my finger."

Lavelle White: "I enjoyed watching the butterflies fly away."

The last thing that was cool was that when I got home from school, I saw one of them in front of our house living in the world on its own.

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Volume 8, Issue 24, Posted 1:17 PM, 11.28.2012