"Spirit" of Lakewood's Catholic Parishes Celebrated At 90-Year Mark

The early 1900's brought rapid growth in the city of Lakewood, bringing to life the dreams and aspirations of its first determined residents. In the same era, Lakewood’s Catholic community grew through acts of perseverance and sacrifice by its early clergy and parishioners. Established in 1922 by Bishop Joseph Schrembs, the parishes of St. Clement and St. Luke were built out of the great faith and pioneering spirit of their first members. In the beginning, no churches had been built, yet these communities grew. The stories of these two parishes, while very unique in their journeys, share a common beginning and a vision by Catholics eager to create their spiritual home in Lakewood.

In 2012, St. Clement and St. Luke celebrate 90 years of service and worship in Lakewood. In recognition of this milestone, Lakewood Catholic Academy (LCA) will honor the two parishes at its annual All Saints Auction on Saturday, November 3. As two of the founding parishes that joined to form the consolidated Catholic school, St. Clement and St. Luke have played important roles in the growth and operation of the school in areas like pastoral guidance, sacramental instruction and financial support. The auction event will be highlighted by the presentation of the LCA Insignis Award, the school’s highest honor, to both parishes in recognition of the significant impact they have had on the school's success.

The parishes’ example of service and faith has been a model for the LCA community as it has worked through challenges in its early years of operation. Like these parishes, LCA was built when a community of believers came together to transform Catholic elementary education in Lakewood. LCA is honored to celebrate this special milestone and invite Lakewood parishioners and others to relive memories of the early days of both the city and the parishes.

LCA Today

Today, Lakewood Catholic Academy is in its eighth year of operation with over 630 students enrolled from pre-school through grade eight for the 2012-2013 school year. Its academic reputation and broad curriculum draws students from many areas in Greater Cleveland.

The annual All Saints Auction will be held on the campus grounds at 14808 Lake Avenue on Saturday, Nov. 3. The auction is the school’s largest fundraising event, bringing in important funds that support the students, faculty and programs of the school.  For further information, contact Mary Ann Campbell, Director of Advancement at (216) 521-0559 ext. 3041 or visit www.lakewoodcatholicacademy.com/allsaints.

Gretchen Bulan

Gretchen Bulan has been a Lakewood resident for 12 years and works as a freelance communications consultant. Also a personal trainer and lifestyle coach, she divides her time between both types of work that she enjoys. She enjoys all the outdoor activities that Lakewood has to offer and is interested in children's activities, education and family life in Lakewood. Gretchen holds a bachelor's degree from the Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University.

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