It Takes a Village: Family-Focused Yoga In Lakewood

The concept of family-focused yoga is simple: It takes a village to raise a child, and part of raising a child includes village members of all ages engaging in healthy, happy activities. Finding time for family, fun, exercise, and relaxation in this day and age is challenging. Two new programs starting soon at Lakewood’s newest yoga studio, Pink Lotus Yoga, help with this challenge by rolling family time, exercise, and relaxation into one: Prenatal Yoga begins May 19th and Village (Family) Yoga begins June 21st.

Professionals in the medical industry are recommending Prenatal Yoga more and more often these days to their pregnant patients as a way to prepare them physically, mentally, and emotionally for the birthing process. The Prenatal Yoga series at Pink Lotus Yoga consists of longer-format, well-rounded classes, offering the following:

  • Yoga postures most beneficial to the ever-changing pregnant body. Postures are designed to open the pelvis, ease back pain, and reduce pressure on ligaments. They also promote strength, stamina, energy, and balance and are antidotes to common discomforts during pregnancy.
  • Breathing exercises—a vital part of prenatal practice—invigorate, balance, and quiet the body/mind.  Various breathing techniques reduce blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension and counteract the harmful effects of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty. Breathing learned in Prenatal Yoga can be utilized in all phases of pregnancy and labor, making it an invaluable tool.
  • Deep, guided relaxation involving props (blankets, bolsters, eye pillows), light shoulder/neck/arm massage, soft music, and aromatherapy.

Prenatal Yoga benefits the notion of the village by promoting community, as pregnant women practicing yoga together bond as they share their stories and feelings. Last, babies benefit, too; studies show unborn babies receive increased amounts of endorphins and oxygen and are gently massaged by their mothers' movements. Prenatal Yoga at Pink Lotus Yoga is for women in all stages of pregnancy.

In Village Yoga, a child-focused series for adults and children, families connect with other families through yoga exercise and fun. Poses, movement, songs, games, challenge, and quiet time are part of every class.  Traditional yoga exercises in Village Yoga become infused with activities such as these:

  • Story Yoga: Characters in a story being told take on yoga poses. In addition, in order to foster creative expression, children are encouraged to share their ideas for stories.
  • Partner Yoga: Children practice yoga with their parent/caregiver. 
  • Group Yoga: Adults and children practice poses in a circle.
  • Imagination Yoga: Children are encouraged to invent and teach to the group their own yoga poses.

In Village Yoga, families find support for a healthier lifestyle and enjoy a holistic, family-centered activity.  These classes are child-centered and built for fun; there will be enough movement to provide both adults and children with some real exercise. Village Yoga is for adults of all ages and children between five and nine years of age. Children outside this age range may be enrolled with prior instructor approval.

Both programs take place at the Pink Lotus Yoga Studio (18103 Detroit) and are being run through the Lakewood Community Recreation and Education Department. Contact the studio to ask questions about the classes and registration process at or 216-632-0816. 

Marcia Camino

Marcia Camino, founder and director of Pink Lotus Yoga in Lakewood, offers private and public classes and workshops for adults and children.  Her specialties and interests include Amrit Yoga, Yin Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Hot Yoga, and Outdoor Yoga.  She can be reached at 216-632-0816 or at

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