Mary Hardison Selected as Barton Center’s Volunteer of the Year

Mary Hardison was voted by Barton Center members as the 2012 Barton Center ‘Sweetheart’, or Volunteer of the Year.  She was honored at a dinner held recently to recognize her years of volunteer service at Barton Senior Center.  This was the 39th annual ceremony held to recognize Barton Center volunteers and was attended by over 100 members, including 12 previous award recipients. 

Mary was born and raised on a farm in Granville, OH, 35 miles northeast of Columbus.  She continued living in Granville as she raised her family and had a long career in the transportation industry.  In retirement, she moved to Rocky River in 2006 to be closer to her daughter Wendy.  Coincidently, her cousin moved to the Westerly Apartments about the same time and invited Mary to participate in various Barton Center dinners and events.  Mary liked what she saw, and said could not wait until she was old enough to move to the Westerly.  She moved in during 2009 and began volunteering immediately since she already knew the staff and many of the members.     

Mary now volunteers 5 days per week, working in many different areas:  answering phones and selling tickets in the Office; arranging appointments in transportation; coordinating the Hospice Greeting Card Workshop group; creating items for sale with the Arts & Crafts class; preparing food for Wine & Cheese fundraisers; and helping decorate the three Westerly lobbies with a different theme each month. 

Mary said she loves working in the office and at the car/transportation desk because she gets to interact with many different members.  She stated it makes her feel good to help others and it is a lot of fun.  She has made many friends, and said she does not know of a better place to live and socialize than at the Westerly Apartments and Barton Center.

Mary invites everyone to visit the Barton Center with its various shops, including Hodge Podge furniture and resale shop, Greenhouse, Corner Store, Fabric Shop and Book Nook.  Membership in the Barton Center is available to anyone age 55 and over for $18 per year.  To find out more about Ohio’s first senior center, call Barton Center at 216-221-3400.  Barton Center is located on the Ground Floor of the Westerly Apartments at 14300 Detroit Ave. and is open M-F 9 AM–3 PM.  

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Volume 8, Issue 8, Posted 9:41 PM, 04.17.2012