In A Role-Playing Game Far Away

The Jedi graduates.

In a galaxy far far away, a world full of lightsabers and Jedis awaits you, you just need to know the right place to go. I go to Lakewood Public Library very often and love it there. They always have something to offer. Recently I was part of a role playing game with the theme of Star Wars that met in the library's MultiPurpose Room. I had a blast.

On the first day I made a lightsaber and was put into a team. The goal here was to win enough points at the end of the session. Every time we met (once a week)  we did an activity whether it be a making a lightsaber exercise with our group, or a scavenger hunt inside the library, or maybe trivia about Star Wars.

I didn't know much about Star Wars but you didn't really have to. If you want to join a role playing game you don't need to know everything about the subject, you just need to be willing to have fun. I made new friends and got to hang out with old friends.

One of my favorite activities was when I was blindfolded and someone needed to guide me through a maze. At the end of the maze the Death Star was waiting to be destroyed. To destroy the Death Star you needed to make a darn (wound up yarn) into a box, still blindfolded. It was a lot of fun. We also did things outside of the Multipurpose Room. We had to find certain books within the children's section to decode a secret message. The teamwork part was a good experience.

At the end of the role playing game there was a party where you could dress up like any character from Star Wars. On the last day I wanted to dress up like someone, but I wasn't sure who. My mom and I were brainstorming and we decided that I would dress up like Princess Leia. I used a white robe and belt. The hair was the tricky part. We tried a few different styles till we found one that worked. I was ready to go to the library. There I saw other people in even crazier costumes then me. A Stormtrooper, a couple Darth Vaders (the odd one was the one in bunny slippers.) They had other library staff to judge the contest. In the end there were about three winners for the costume contest, me being one of them. We won a Star Wars sticker book (which of course my baby brother tore apart and stuck all over our house before I could look through) and a Mad Libs book.

It was an experience I won't forget. I cannot wait until the next Lakewood Public Library role playing game.

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Volume 7, Issue 12, Posted 8:19 AM, 06.15.2011