Earning Our Communications Badge

The cub scouts and their pack leader, Alicia Bowen, pose with their first journalistic efforts in front of Malley's "Alice in Wonderland" wall.

"The Day I Went To Lakewood Park" by Jordan Fougerousse

I went to the park with my aunt. While we were there we played tag in the park. We also played football and swung on the swings.


"I'm A Legomaniac" by Quinn Pauly

Did you know there are lots of things you can build with Legos?

Something that I have made are ships that can fly or float, such as spaceships and boats. I have also made houses, cars and people. But, my favorite things to build with are my Star Wars ships and figures. I have built many kinds of Star Wars things, like the Hoth Snowman, Boba Fett, Slave One and General Grievous' Starfighter.

There are so many other things you or I can build from Legos. All you have to do is use your imagination.

Believe me... It's fun!


"Grant Dances" by Jacob Bowen

The dances at Grant are fun!

They have contests. I won the hula hoop contest this year!

Grant has two dances every school year, in the fall and the spring. My favorite part of the dance is the "Chicken Dance."

They have good food and treats to eat.

I'm glad my school has fun things like dances to go to.


"Cub Scouts Turn Into Reporters At Malley's" by Declan Markling

Tuesday night my cub scout den met at Malley's to talk about becoming reporters. This is part of getting the communication bead for scouts.

The first thing was to learn about the ways we communicate, like cell phones and computers and television.

Newspapers are a way we talk to the whole city of Lakewood at one time.

Kids can tell each other about Lakewood Park, Legos, dances at Grant, and different schools we are at. We can tell other kids about what it's like being a cub scout because we're in cub scouts.

We made our first stories at Malley's while eating hot fudge.

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Volume 7, Issue 5, Posted 2:20 PM, 03.08.2011