The Well-Organized Life: Imagine… Being Organized And Clutter Free In Our Beautiful Lakewood Homes

And you did it! With that thought in mind before we can have a well-organized life, we need to back up this equation to find out how we get so cluttered. Because some of our quaint, charming homes can be tight on closet space, we need a different strategy. Let’s take a step back and not think of where to put new items, but work hard on clearing out old, broken, and outdated things that we no longer use or need. Once you start this new philosophy, you’ll reap the benefits immediately. Guaranteed.

Today there is a substantial amount of information on how to de-clutter. It’s the new buzz word. We have become a society who likes to buy, buy, buy. Did you catch the Sunday newspaper ads? What about all the commercials that are having the best sale ever? We can never have enough stuff. Besides it’s fun to buy and get a really great deal. But what happens when you keep bringing in new things but somehow nothing is going out? Instead of having one of something, we have multiples. The word - P U R G E - should become your BFF as well as your TRASH DAY. I encourage you to write them both down on a piece of paper and hang them around your house in several locations. This is the start of changing your behavior slowly, but surely.

I’ve always thought clothes should have an expiration date. That way you would remember to purge your closets on a regular basis. So instead, give them one. Two to four times a year, go through your clothes and if you don’t absolutely love it and it fits, it’s gone. I recently bought a new pair of glasses. I now have four pair sitting in a medicine cabinet. Two are gone by the end of the week. Give yourself purge deadlines. Also, to help yourself with the visual, flip through magazines. Anyone who can find a cluttered home picture, please send it to me. I’ve yet to see one. Therefore, I’d say it’s safe to say that our society suggests everything in your home should have a place to call their own. Also, please, do not use the kitchen table for your daily mail. Every home is a business and should be run like one. Designate a shoebox if you must but get your kitchen table cleared off.

My favorite thing is when organizations call me to ask for used, outdated, worn, or even slightly damaged items. They come directly to my front door. Now that’s service. What a concept! I always tell them I have something to donate. I turn finding items to purge into a game. Set a timer for 30 minutes and tell yourself- go find stuff. Recently, I tried to pull out two jackets (that I’ve not worn in a year), because I loved them so much. They went. I felt invigorated! Now that I’ve cleared some space, I’m ready to go shopping!

For more tips and tricks, I'll be teaching a Get Organized and De-Clutter Workshop through Lakewood Recreation on March 17th. To sign up call (216) 529-4081 or email me if I can help at

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Volume 7, Issue 4, Posted 6:48 PM, 02.22.2011