Tracy A. Jemison II: Council-At-Large Applicant

In the various leadership roles that I have been involved with in the community, I have proven myself to be an objective, deliberative and analytical decision maker. I am able to see multiple sides of an issue and help facilitate an appropriate resolution. This consensus building mind-set will be critical as Council continue's to face tough issues that will need to balance the impact on the residents/services and Lakewood's financial condition.

Perhaps the most important skill I would bring to Council is my financial background and expertise. Like the State and County, Lakewood is constrained from a revenue standpoint. Due to the high tax burden on our residents the City can not increase revenue by raising taxes. This is going to require the City to explore ways to provide a level of services that allows Lakewood to grow and thrive but in a more cost efficient manner.

I believe that collaboration with the new County government and neighboring cities is going to be critical for the future of Lakewood. This will require a pragmatic, consensus builder with a strong vision on how decisions will impact the City's finances.

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Volume 6, Issue 23, Posted 8:18 AM, 11.16.2010