Be Scent-sational with Fragrances

Fragrances make a scent-sational wardrobe accessory. Fragrances can be elegant, casual or nurturing, whether it’s your outfit or your mood you are accessorizing. 

As you would collect fine wines to complement your dinner, so you can collect fragrances befitting your outfit or mood. Like wines, fragrances are put together in a delicate balance and the notes measure the performance of the fragrance. The top note, its identity, is the very first impression one receives. It evaporates, but never altogether disappears. Instead, it softens. This is the brightest note of the fragrance. The middle note is the heart of the fragrance, and after blending with your body chemistry, reaches its deepest intensity in about 10 minutes. It is the essence of the fragrance. The bottom note is the final stage, when the fragrance is the most harmonious. It is the point when all of the notes have melded gently together. Understanding the music of fragrance gives you a plethora of scents to harmonize. 

Etiquette in wearing fragrance is important. Close encounters at work, school and church would suggest that you not wear a full-bodied perfume, but go with a lighter, more delicate scent, with more appeal to a citrus or vanilla heart. Consider the seasons of the year when wearing fragrances: humid weather can make a perfume bloom, causing a very heavy scent, while wintry, dry skin does not hold fragrance as long. Hydrating with your fragrance's lotion or body butter will help give longer wear to your scent. These ancillary products have less essential oils, making them a good choice when lighter is better, and they can save you money, since you are not continually applying the perfume.

Find an expert who can help develop your fragrance personality and give you more of the finer points of choosing a fragrance so that you can be scent-savvy. And, like a gift of fine wine, a fragrance gift is thoughtful and/or romantic. 

Carol Leigh Mason is an Ind. Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics

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Volume 6, Issue 23, Posted 8:54 AM, 11.16.2010