Lakewood Welcomes Deagan's Kitchen & Bar

Greetings Fellow Lakewoodites:

We all mourned the passing of Barnacle Bills (as you may remember, the restaurant on Detroit). And again the loss of Crazy Rita’s and then Cleat’s.

Rising like a Phoenix from the ashes, I am pleased to announce the rebirth of the Restaurant industry in the accursed Barnacle Bill’s Lakewood location. Deagan’s Kitchen and Bar is located in the heart of downtown Lakewood at 14810 Detroit Road in the space once inhabited by Barnacle Bills.

Mr. Daniel Deagan and Mr. Daniel Stroup, owners, have done a spectacular job renovating the restaurant. There is original brick, exposed beams and imported wood siding from an 1860 farmhouse from North Canton. They use mismatched chairs and salvaged tables to create an inviting environment with a tranquil ambiance that allows you to sit back and enjoy your meal.

Above the bar area hang flat screen televisions for the sports enthusiasts. They are available but not intrusive to your dining experience. The mood is friendly and relaxed. I have been to Deagan’s three times since its opening and have had a wonderful experience each time.

The Dan’s (Mr. Deagan and Mr. Stroup) have personally stopped by the table to introduce themselves and to thank me for coming in, a very nice touch considering I can spend my hard earned dollars at any establishment. (FYI- The first few times neither Dan Deagan nor I knew I was going to write a review.) I got the feeling they genuinely appreciate each and every customer. The service has been exceptional.

The menu items are varied and intriguing. This is not your typical “bar” food. “Bar Snacks” include oysters, roasted nuts, olives, dates, and scallops.

The cheese and meat selections are served with seasonal fruit and artisan crackers. The presentation is artistic and the food is fantastic. The “Boards” selections are good choice for group dining.

Some “Small Plates” selections include Sesame Crusted Calamari, Mussels, Eggplant, Amish Chicken Wings and other tasty items like Spicy Shrimp Taco’s. The “Large Plates” selections are just as pleasing with Pecan Crusted Chicken and Bay of Fundy Salmon to name a few. Asparagus and Brussel Sprouts are included in the side item choices. I almost forgot….Vegan Chili. Demetrios Atheneos, Executive Chef, take a bow. Well done.

The bar has a broad selection of beers on tap to fuel the brewery enthusiast and a nice selection of wines to boot. The list of bottles available includes Browns, IPA’s, Stout’s, Porters, Barleywine’s, Belgian styles, Lagers, Wheat’s and the list goes on.

All in all, a great experience. Go, and go often.

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Volume 6, Issue 22, Posted 8:20 AM, 11.04.2010