Eaters Of Lakewood Get Their Fix By Way Of Route 6

The April Eaters of Lakewood meeting proved to be the most successful to date as Lakewood’s Route 6 Café played host to over 30 EOL members in addition to their usual Saturday night crowd. The event took place on April 24th and from 5 to 9pm the Route 6 staff saw quite a bit of traffic.

The Café, located on the corner of Westwood and Detroit Avenues, describes itself as a symbol of farming, community, and travel. Situated on the corner of one of Lakewood’s major streets and original thoroughfare the blue and gold sign is quite easy to spot from the road. Route 6 prides itself on being more than just another brief stop in a person’s journey; they aim to be the destination.

Route 6 proved to be a more than accommodating destination for a wide array of people on the night of April 24th. The bulk of their menu items can best be described as “Post-Industrial Dining.” According to Route 6 literature this experience is reached through their specific methods of preparation and serving. It’s all about portion size and nutrition value which starts with the food items they purchase and goes all the way to your plate; Route 6 makes certain no detail goes unnoticed.

Among the fare sampled (which received a final score of 4.4) members enjoyed everything from burgers and steak, to chicken salad and salmon pasta. One eater commented, “Great food, best staff. Would love to become a regular!” Others commented on the “addictive” fries covered in sea salt as well as the interesting art and attentiveness of the staff.

The final score for the service and atmosphere was a 4.8 and 4.4 respectively with overall cleanliness coming in at a very close second with a closing score of 4.7. Many agreed with the final results declaring the staff as the overall high-scoring category. “Everything was great and we never felt rushed,” one EOL member stated. Many also expressed a strong desire to return in the future. In addition, raffle winner Sarah Flood (who was declared on the EOL Facebook site on April 26th) mentioned that she enjoyed both the service and the industrial-style feel and that she would love to come back a second time.

For the upcoming May meeting The Eaters of Lakewood will be heading to The Riverwood Café on the 22nd from 5 to 9pm. Interested in becoming a real Lakewood eater? Check out their homepage at or join their fan base at or tweet them on   
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Volume 6, Issue 9, Posted 8:26 AM, 05.06.2010