A Call For All Real Americans

Our time has come. Tea Parties, state elections, and the rising voice of the people proclaim that the forces of Big Government will soon be defeated and a new era of Freedom is at hand. Now it is for us to throw off the bonds of Socialism and exhibit our God-given Personal Responsibility.

Obama’s Socialist health-care grab will soon go down to defeat, along with his other Socialist measures that make us slaves to government. We will defeat his environmental proposals built on the myth of global warming, and we will drill for whatever natural resources God has given us to enjoy.

Likewise for the Socialist regulation of banks that Obama has proposed. Let business flourish in the Free Market and bring prosperity to the nation, free of the chokehold of government bureaucrats.

Next we will get rid of the existing forms of Socialized Medicine, namely Medicare and Medicaid. Let all health insurance be in the hands of private insurance companies, competing among themselves to make the greatest profit possible. Let it be the Personal Responsibility of each individual to carry his own insurance. That is the American Way.

And the same for Social Security. Let every person recognize and exercise his Personal Responsibility to provide for his retirement years.

We will also gain freedom from gun control. The Second Amendment is the most important part of the Constitution, because it protects us from tyranny. Let every American be free to carry any firearms he wishes, any time, in any place.

And after Socialism is abolished at the national level, we must do away with it on the local level. Public school systems must be abolished. No longer will our children be subject to the president’s Socialist agenda.

Next, we must abolish government-run water and sewage systems, as well as fire and police departments, perhaps the most pervasive Socialist institutions of all. Let good citizens band together to hire their own fire protection, and their own police protection as well. Of course, on many occasions citizens will be beyond the reach of their own hired police organizations, but that is all right, because every right-thinking citizen will be carrying a firearm and will exercise his Personal Responsibility to protect himself as well as others who may be unable to protect themselves.

(Does this sound like the Wild West? -- Good. Frontier society had moral clarity. Everyone knew the difference between Good and Evil, and those who were on the side of the Good delivered swift justice to Evildoers, without the interference of namby-pamby liberal courts.)

Finally, we must abolish the Socialist system of roads and streets. Why should I pay for a street that is used only by others? Let all streets be put in the hands of private, profit-seeking organizations who will make their money by charging travelers as they travel. This can be accomplished by setting up toll booths on each intersection, where each traveler will pay by credit card for travel to the next intersection. Whatever inconvenience arises from this system is a small price to pay for the abolition of Socialism, root and branch.

And this is what we will accomplish if real, right-thinking Americans unite.

Dear Reader: I hope this little satire helps you realize the true nature of the barbaric, paranoid, anti-government movement that is poisoning our political system. It is founded on nothing more than mean-spirited self-interest. For its adherents accept without question those government activities that serve their own interests and distorted sense of integrity, and they slander whatever government functions  fail to do so by calling them “Socialist.”

But one point – personal responsibility – deserves attention. We all share in the responsibility to achieve a government that is fair to all and adequate to our nation’s needs – and working against the kind of thinking represented above is a big step in that direction.

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Volume 6, Issue 7, Posted 9:23 PM, 04.06.2010