Cheers to the Waterbury Coachouse!

With so many young, trendy bars, the Waterbury Coachouse contrasts as one of those neighborhood fixtures that the regulars refer to as the Lakewood Cheers.  Owner, Hoss Ashofteh, prides himself on providing outstanding customer service in a clean, comfortable and welcoming setting. The focus is home cooking and every day has a $5.99 special. As I visited there last week (live music on Wednesdays and Fridays) I randomly asked some of the many customers for their thoughts:

-"The food is good, the price is right and the people are great!" -Guy & Jean on Edwards

-"I’m a widower, don’t know how to cook and come here for a good meal 90% of the time!"  -Bob on Arliss

-"We’ve been coming for years on Wednesdays and Saturdays, it’s great to get to know the people here."  -Don & Shirley on Lake Ave

-"The friendliness of the regulars make it the Cheers of Lakewood! Good food at a fair price." –Jane on Garfield

-"The overriding quality is the quality- you get your money’s worth plus!" –Tom on Ridgewood

-"It’s like Cheers- a good atmosphere, good food and an even keel group of people."  –Scott on Wyandotte

-"I live close and my wife and I have come by regularly for 10 years, including New Year’s Eve for the lobster!" –Bob on Wyandotte

Delicious comfort food and a welcoming staff create this warm atmosphere. Kathy reflected “I’ve been in the business for 30 years and have worked here for 10. It’s very friendly, laid back with good food and and a great boss to work for.”  Kim, who’s worked there for 20 years+, echoes that by saying, “It’s a home away from home.” Vicky, also has been part of the ‘family’ for 17 years. The Waterbury Coachouse is a wonderful example of the many neighborhood options we have- there’s really something for everyone in Lakewood!  I’ll visit somewhere new for the next issue of Out and About and share what your neighbors have to say about it. 

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Volume 6, Issue 2, Posted 8:52 PM, 01.26.2010