Colin Teets Update 10/29/08

Wow, what a day!  After therapy, lunch and a visit with “Aunt” Miki, Colin was given a BIG SURPRISE.

Mark “Munch” Bishop from WKNR radio, AM 850, came to the hospital to meet Colin with two Lake Erie Monsters, T.J.  Galiardi, #39, and Tom Fritsche, #26, and Sarah Jamieson, Communications Manager for the Monsters.  They presented him with a Monsters Jersey signed by ALL of the players. 

I don’t think Colin is capable of a bigger smile than he showed today.  If he could talk, he would have been speechless.

To top it off, Munch talked about Colin during his broadcast, calling him a HERO. What a way to make a kid feel special.  Thank you so much to everyone that helped to make this possible for Colin.

Colin was a little overwhelmed after the Monster visit and he was trying to mentally prepare himself to spend his first night without me at the hospital. So, I would like to apologize to some of the other visitors who came by tonight to see Colin.  You didn’t get to see him at his best. 

After class at CSU I returned to the hospital.  Tonight wouldn’t be the night.

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