Colin Teets Update 10/26/08

Great day!  Colin had lots of visitors.  Both family and friends came to see him.  Aunt Eve, Uncle Jon, Evan and Hope honored Colin’s request for Ritz Crackers and Cheese Whiz in a Can.  I thought it odd, but that’s what he wanted.  Aunt Sue and Uncle Jeff brought a Browns blanket and Ohio State helmet stickers for Colin to add to his helmet.  Wait until you see it now:  it’s a Warriors Hockey/OSU Buckeyes Football Helmet – tomahawks and buckeye leaves included!Ms. Steidel and Mrs. Beatty from Colin’s school stopped by to wish him well, he was very happy to see his teachers.  Nadia-Amy, Kathryn and Allison from school came for a visit, too.  They played a long game of Trouble with Colin and his roommate, Lequenten.  We had to keep close watch on that Quenten; he’s a little cheater!  Then again, we caught Colin trying to cheat, too! Of course Colin’s brothers and sister came to visit as well.  Megan wouldn’t miss an opportunity to see her big brother (or to get junk food from the vending machine).  Poor Brendan had to bring along his homework to get it done, but it didn’t take him too long.  Kevin has won over the hearts of the nurses.  They all think he’s adorable – they haven’t seen his devilish side yet!Coach Hoy visited with his son, and Colin’s teammate, Jordan.  Hopefully when Colin’s doing better we can get a day pass to see one of the games.  I know he misses being on the ice.
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Volume 0, Issue 0, Posted 11:07 PM, 10.26.2008