02.16.08 - Fleeing and Eluding Officer - Felony 4802

Address: 11838 South Lane

Business Name: Lakewood Club Apartments

Number of arrests: 15

Statue/Ordinance: Fleeing and Eluding Officer - Felony 4802, Posessing Hypodermic Needle, Obstructing Official Business, Criminal Damaging, Attempted GTMV, Curfew

Incident Report:

Topic Original Report

MO: By being under the age of 18 on the streets of Lakewood unsupervised between the hours of 1 1:00pm and 0600 am and committing a crime.

MO: By running away from police and hiding, even after police were chasing them in marked cars with emergency overhead lights and sirens on.

MO: By being arrested after hiding from police, and having a small bag containing 4 hypodermic needles where he was hiding.

MO: By driving away from police at a high rate of speed after police had activated their emergency overhead lights and sirens on marked police cars, causing a substantial risk of serious physical harm to persons/property.

MO: By punching the lock on a vehicle, that belongs to another, without the owners consent or knowledge.

MO: By punching a door lock, peeling the column and starting the vehicle of another without their knowledge or permission.

By being a parent of a child and allowing that child to be unsupervised on the streets of the City of Lakewood past curfew.

Sgt Eschweiler Sir,

On 02-16-08 at 0322hrs Lakewood cars were dispatched to the area of South Lane and Hird for report of two males leaving the area after attempting to enter vehicles in the area. Dispatch advised that the males entered a dark vehicle and turned S/B on Hird from South Lane.

At that time I was on Hird, S/B from the tracks. I could see the suspect vehicle, the listed Black Ford Taurus with Ohio registration EDH 1693 stopping on Hird at Detroit. The Black Ford Taurus then backed on Hird to the driveway that accesses Drug Mart. I activated my overhead emergency lights and attempted to stop the Black Taurus there.

The driver, ARYDELEONTE BUTLER drove the car around my car and I activated my siren in three short bursts, and he kept driving around my car N/B on Hird. I was able to see BUTLER's dark coat and dark knit hat and his face as he drove around my car.

At that time Inv Register came N/B on Hird from Detroit and activated his overhead lights and followed the Black Taurus and attempted to stop it. The Taurus continued at a high rate of speed, crossed Clifton , making no attempt to stop for possible cross traffic. Once on Hird North of Clifton the black Taurus struck two other vehicles. The struck vehicles were the listed Toyota Corrolla, owned by OIV/AMY PODRAZA, and the listed gray Hyundai owned by OIV/KURT JENNE.

The Black Taurus was heavily damaged from the collision and came to a stop on Hird just South of Lake. DELEONTE and ARXANDRE WILSON ran from the black Taurus N/B on Hird and W/B on Lake. Inv Register and I began to chase them on foot, and broadcast over the radio our location and direction of travel. Other officers arrived and established a perimeter securing the area.

I returned to the scene on Hird where the two struck cars and the black Taurus were. I was approached by COM/MONICA BUTLER and WIT/JOHNNY OWENS, who said they were the ones who saw the black Ford in the area of South Lane. MONICA said she was the one who called police.

MONICA said she and OWENS heard a car alarm, and from her apartment window could see two males leaving the area where the car alarm was sounding on South Lane. They entered the Black Taurus, She said she told the dispatcher which way it turned on Hird, and when she saw and heard all the police cars she came to see what happened. She and OWENS both pointed at the black Taurus and said that was the car they saw the two males enter and flee in from the area of South Lane. She advised that two males got in the car, and a third was driving. I advised them to return to their apartment and I would follow up concerning possibly damaged vehicles from the activity on South Lane.

At 0326hrs Inv Mladek did find and arrest DELEONTE. He was wearing a dark coat and dark knit hat that I saw him wearing when he drove the black Taurus past me. DELEONTE was handcuffed and secured in the rear of unit 215.

Ptl Obrock then arrived with his police dog. Ptl Obrock allowed his police dog to check the black Taurus for scent, and the dog then led Ptl Obrock and I N/B on Hird and then W/B on Lake. We went through the parking lots of the back of the buildings on Lake until the police dog found WILSON hiding behind several large sheets of wood inside of a garage behind 11871 Lake. WILSON would not come out, so I grabbed his right hand and pulled him out from behind the wood pile. He was then handcuffed and secured in the rear of unit 215.

1 checked the area in the garage where WILSON was found, and behind the wood pile where I pulled WILSON from , I saw a white plastic bag. I was able to reach with a stick and pull the bag from behind the wood pile. The bag contained the four hypodermic needles.

DELEONTE and WILSON were taken to Lakewood jail by Ptl Mullen and Ptl Brown and booked in by Ptl Bill McCarthy. DELEONTE was charged with Curfew, Criminal Damaging, Obstructing Official Business, Felony Fleeing and Eluding Officers, Driving with no license, Safety Belt, Hit Skip, and Failure to Control. WILSON was charged with Curfew, Obstructing Official Business, Criminal Damaging, and Possession of Hypodermic needles.

Inv Mladek took photos of the black Ford Taurus. Inv Register completed the OH-1 for the collision of the autos on Hird between Clifton and Lake. Inv Register issued DELEONTE citation D158892 for the traffic offenses.

I returned to South Lane to speak to MONICA and OWENS. They showed me the listed silver Ford Taurus with Ohio registration DZT8289. The lock on the drivers door was punched, the column was peeled, and the vehicle was running. I asked dispatch to run the plate and see if the owner, OIV/JAMES WEI CHECK could be reached by phone. Dispatch advised no current phone number wasavailable. The silver Taurus was towed to Kufners towing to be held for owner as it is suspected to be stolen. The listed owner's most recent address was in Parma Heights, Before it was towed, Inv Deucher took photos of the damages and processed the car. Nothing of value was obtained in the processing.

MONICA and OWENS then pointed to the listed red Chevy Tahoe truck with Ohio registration THLAST1. The locks on both front doors had been popped. They said that the alarm was going off on the truck when they looked out their apartment window. I asked dispatch to find a phone number for the owner of the Chevy Tahoe. Dispatch advised that they could not find a number for VIC/YASSIR AMAWI, but his most recent address is 1270 Beach. Inv Deucher took photos of the damages, and processed the truck. Nothing of value was obtained during the processing.

I went to 1270 Beach and spoke with a male who said he was AMAWI's brother. He said he would call AMAWI and send him to his truck. AMAWI arrived on South Lane where his truck was and said he had an emergency and left before any further information could be obtained.

I took the hypodermic needles to the station, tagged them and secured them in the narcotics chute in the property room. At the time of this report SMITH, the owner of the black Taurus, could not be reached to determine if it had been stolen. WEICHECK called the station and I spoke with him about his silver Ford Taurus. He was advised of the attempted theft and damage to his car. He was also advised that it was towed to Kufner's towing for security of the vehicle.

DELEONTE was released to his mother, OIV/LAKETA BUTLER. LAKETA was cited by Det Kirkwood for Permitting Curfew, and issued MM Citation #M38793. WILSON was released to his mother, OIV/ARLINDA ROGERS. ROGERS was issued MM Citation #38794 by Det Kirkwood for Permitting Curfew. A Departmental Correspondence was sent to the Information Systems Specialist requesting video from the camera in car 219 and 212 of the incident.

Record Room Note
State of Ohio is Victim of Felony Fleeing and Eluding
City of Lakewood is Victim of Curfew, Possession of Hypodermic Needles, and Obstructing of
AMAWI and is victim of Criminal Damaging
WEICHECK is victim of Attmpted GTMV
DELEONTE is charged with Curfew,- Felony Fleeing and Eluding, Obstruction Official Business,
Criminal Damaging, Driving with no license, Driving with no seat belt, Hit Skip, and Failure to
WILSON is charged with Curfew, Obstruction of Official Business, Criminal Damaging and
of Hypodermic Needles

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