02.15.08 - Burglary - Forced 2298

Address: 12505 Edgewater Dr. Apt 208

Business Name: Edgewater Apts.

Number of arrests: -


Burglary - Forced 2298

Incident Report:

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Weather was clear, temp. approx. 30 degrees;

The apt building has outer entry doors that are secure. You have to have a key or get buzzed in by a tenant. The suspect somehow got through these doors and went to apt, #208. Apt. #208, like all of the apts. have two doors. The main door has a dead bolt and enters into the living room area. This door was not tampered with. The other door is a smaller kitchen door that the victim does not use as it can not be locked from the outside.

The suspect first pried behind the outer door molding. There were also some flat pry marks on the edge of the door and door jamb. The pry mark was 3/8" wide. It appeared that the suspect then used force on the door to gain entry. The door is only secured with a slide bolt and a chain lock . These were easy to defeat.

Once inside this door the suspect unplugged a lap top computer that was on the kitchen table and took it. The only other area disturbed was the bedroom where the suspect opened several drawers in both dressers. Nothing was missing from here at this time.

The POE was dusted as well as the dressers in the bedroom and no latents were found. Photos were taken of the building, the POE, the damage, kitchen and the bedroom.

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