02.14.08 - Simple Assault 1301

Address: 18196 Sloane

Business Name: Simple Assault 1301

Number of arrests: Suspect - Age: 25-26, Occupation: Military, 5'05"-5'06", Hair: Strawberry Blond,

Statue/Ordinance: Simple Assault 1301

Incident Report:

MO: By punching the victim in the jaw, thus causing the victim physical injury

Sgt. Wynalek, Sir,

On 2-14-08 VIC/MICHAEL SMITH came to the front counter and advised the following.

He and another male, OIV/JONATHON (LNU), had been drinking at the Sloane Pub from approximately 2200 hours on 2-13-08 to 0230 hours on 2-14-08. While they were drinking in the bar, there were three other males inside the bar. SMITH recognized one of the males as OIV/ZACHARY JERGENS. SMITH knows JERGENS because they were friends several years ago. JERGENS and the two other males, according to SMITH, were looking for a fight all night. JERGENS and the two other males were saying things to him and JONATHON trying to start a fight. SMITH and JONATHON did not say anything back. At bar closing time, SMITH and JONATHON walked outside into the parking lot. They were met by JERGENS and the other two males. A verbal argument ensued between all of them, JONATHON, who was standing behind SMITH, punched one of the males and began physically fighting with him. SMITH said that he told the other two males that he was not going to fight with them and he kept his hands inside his pockets. One of the males then punched SMITH in the left jaw, causing him to fall to the ground and lose consciousness. SMITH woke up sitting inside the bar being tended to by OIV/AMANDA CLARK.

SMITH could not be positive of which male punched him. SMITH believes it was the male who was standing in front of him just prior to him getting punched. SMITH does not know much about the male. SMITH described the male as approximately 25-26 years old with short blonde hair. SMITH says the male was approximately 65" tall. SMITH believes the male may be JERGENS' brother and may be on leave from the military.

SMITH claims that he was struck once in the left side of his jaw. SMITH advised that his jaw is swollen and he has a chipped back tooth. SMITH had blood on the right side of his head. SMITH said that he had not washed the blood off sinoe the fight. SMITH appeared to have a cut on the right side of his head, but it was difficult to see because of his hair. SMITH claims the cut occurred because he fell on the pavement in the parking lot when he was punched in the jaw, There was also an abrasion on the right side of SMITH's temple area.

SMITH denied medical attention.

Inv. Crumley took photos of SMITH and his injuries.

SMITH stated that he was "fairly intoxicated" when he was leaving the bar. SMITH could not remember if he and JONATHON were thrown out of the bar or if they just left due to bar closing time. SMITH also could not remember what the comments were that JERGENS and the other males were making to him and JONATHON.

SMITH advised that he called his boss because he did not go to work on 2-14-08. SMITH told his boss what happened. SMITH's boss told him that he had to make a police report if he wainted to get paid for mIssing the day of work.

SMITH desires prosecution.

I contacted the Sloane Pub in an attempt to speak to CLARK; however, she was not working at the time. A co-worker advised she would have CLARK contact LPD.

CLARK contacted LPD at approximately 1550 hours on 2-14-08. She stated that the incident started when SMITH came out of the bathroom and one of the males with JERGENS called SMITH a derogatory name. SMITH then asked the male what he had called him. The male then got into SMITH's face. CLARK stated that she and the owner of the bar got between SMITH and the other male. They then kicked everyone out of the bar. CLARK stated that she did not see the fight because it was outside the bar. She only knew that the fight had happened because another patron came inside to get a washcloth and paper towels in order to tend to SMITH.

CLARK advised that a patron had seen the males drive away in a red car. The patron gave a license plate of BAT3659 for the vehicle the males were in when they left. In running the plate, it lists to a 1984 Olds which expired in 2000.

CLARK stated that the group of males with JERGENS comes in every Wednesday night.

CLARK advised that JERGENS paid with a credit card on 2-13-08. She will have the owner look up the credit card receipt and hold it for LPD.

CLARK said that a male and female couple named Rob and Kelly were witnesses to the fight. CLARK only had a telephone number for them, which is 440 241-1433. 1 attempted to contact them via telephone, but got a voicemail. A SPS for the number was NIF.

SMITH does not have any further information for JERGENS or JONATHON. No information was found for JERGENS in the computer.
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