02.12.08 - Burglary-Forced 2298

Address: 16021 Madison Ave.

Business Name: Hillard Square Building

Number of arrests: -Description - Age 17-23, 5'06 - 5'09", 140lbs.-170lbs., Coat black-hooded, Hair: brown, Eyes: brown,

Statue/Ordinance: Burglary - Forced 2298

Incident Report:

MO - By breaking into the apartment and entering the apartment without the owners consent to do so.

On 2/13/08 at 0054 hours officers were dispatched to 16021 Madison #1 for a report of two males who just broke into the apartment with a crow bar. The COM/BOB DOBUSH stated that two white males, one wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, just broke into apartment #1. DOBUSH told dispatch that the resident VIC/STEVEN YANTEK was home at the time and scared the males off. DOBUSH stated he did not have a direction of travel for the males.

Upon checking the area, I located fresh footprints going northbound to Northland. Inv. Mladek followed them to 1663 Northland where they appeared to have gotten into a car. Inv. Mladek stated the tracks were those of someone running with a six and one half foot stride. He further advised the shoes were of a size eleven with not visible markings or treads.

After checking the area Inv. Deucher and I responded to the building. I was met by DOBUSH who handed us the indexed black pry bar, that he stated was dro pped at the bottom of the stairs. DOBUSH showed us the front door to the building. The front, common door, had a metal plate covering the lock, which had been pried away allowing access to the locking bolt. This was then pried allowing access into the building. Upon entering the building the suspects went up the stairs to the first door on the left, YANTEK's residence. The door knob to his apartment was hanging on the outside. The door frame was chipped, and the door was cracked near the dead bolt.

YANTEK gave the same story as DOBUSH. YANTAK stated that he does not have a phone which was why DOBUSH called for him. YANTAK stated he was sleeping when this happened, and was woken by a large crash. YANTAK said he got up to see SUSPECT #1 standing just inside the door. YANTAK said he tried to grab him but the male ran and ended up failing down the steps, dropping the pry bar. YANTAK stated the second SUSPECT was standing behind SUSPECT #1, but he did not get a look at him. YANTAK stated he does not know who they are or why they entered his apartment. YANTAK stated he is not sure if he could pick them out of a lineup, but desires prosecution,

Inv. Deucher stood by to process the scene. He later logged the pry bar into evidence, securing it in the property room, locker #16. 1 responded to CiDonnell's Bar and spoke to the patrons. None of the patrons were outside smoking or observed the males or anything else of evidentiary value.
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Volume 0, Issue 0, Posted 7:59 AM, 02.25.2008