02.11.08 - Breaking and Entering 2205

Address: 1343 Edwards

Business Name: Residential

Number of arrests: Complaint

Statue/Ordinance: Breaking and Entering 2205 (Unlocked Door)

Incident Report:

MO: By entering a vacant house and cut out numerous lengths of copper pipe from the basement, without permission.

2-11 -08. Detailed to 1343 Edwards on report that a front door was open on a vacant house.
Upon arrival, iL was found that the front door was open and there was no signs of forced entry. The only lock on the front door was a dead bolt that was not secured and the rear door was found still secured.

Inside the house it was very cold, indicating that the heat had been shut off. In the basement, most of the copper pipe was removed from the ceiling and from the water main at the metter, It appears that most of the pipe had been pulled off, due to the closed and crimped ends that would not have been present if it had been cut. The suspects had removed all of the black insulation from the pipes as it was found on the floor under where the pipe was missing.

I checked my list of vacant houses that was provided by the building department and this one was not listed. I then checked the Cuyahoga County Auditor's website and found that the property is listed as owned by VIC/ ROBYN DERMODY. The transfer to her was on 6-22-04 on parc-&I # 311-30-038, however the tax mailing address is First American Real Estate Tax Service, 1721 Moon Lake Blvd, suite 400, Hoffman Estates, Ill. 6D1 94.

I checked the computer and found that DERMODY had registered a vehicle on 5-B-07 with an address of 186 Orchard Hill Dr., Amherst, OH 44001. Sgt Favre contacted the building department and found that there is an address listed for DERMODY of 2025 Covent Place, Nashville TN, 37212. It is unknown which is the correct address. They had two phone numbers iisted for her, 330-421-3350 and 614-529-6328. 1 called the 330-421-3350 and received a voice mail for DERMODY. I left a message for her to contact me about the theft.

I spoke COM/ ROSELYN RUGGIERO who stated that DERMODY had moved out a year ago but there were tenants in there since. She believes that the last tenants had moved out in the fall of 2007. She stated that she had seen DERMODY at the residence sometime after that with repairmen. She stated 'Lhat she has not seen anyone at the residence recently.

Inv. Walling responded for photos.

I was able to contact DERMODY by phone. She stated that she and her husband currently live in Nashville, TN and that her last renters had moved out November 2D07, In December 2007, DERMODY was awarded a judgment of $8001CO for damages that the former tenant had done to the residence. She stated that she had a repairman at the residence in December to fix Some windows that the previous tenants had broken but that the copper pipe was intact at that time. I advised her that there was not any forced en* to her residence and that the dead bolt was not locked. She stated that the doors were all locked when she left on that date and that nobody else has keys. She stated that she will have her father change the looks on the front door and resecure the house.

DERMODY stated that her last tenant was OIVi REBECCA VELEZ and she may have a key that she did not return. It was also learned that DERMODY's married name is TSACOUMANGOS but the paperwork is still under DERMODY.
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