Lakewood's Vernon Bogner Celebrates His 95th Birthday!

Lifetime Lakewood resident Vernon Bogner has enjoyed breakfast at the Detroit Avenue Burger King in Downtown Lakewood every morning for years. On Monday, September 22nd, his usual routine was anything but ordinary when he arrived to discover birthday wishes posted on the restaurant's outdoor sign.

Manager Char Darlington graciously planned a surprise birthday party for one of their favorite guests by supplying the cakes and a festive atmosphere for Vernon, to celebrate his 95th birthday.

"I haven't felt this special in years, not bad for an old antique...", said Vernon.

The combined efforts of some other very thoughtful people contributed to the success of the event by providing other accouterments to the party.

Vernon later confided that as he blew out his candles, his birthday wish was that all his dear friends would also one day feel the wealth of affection he had experienced as a result of their show of regard.

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Volume 4, Issue 20, Posted 11:18 AM, 09.24.2008