Colin Teets Update 10/21/08

Grandma Pat stayed with Colin last night at Metro, keeping him company, blowing bubbles, and goodness knows what else. His Aunt Sarah came and he did some exercises with her. Colin is using more of the right side of his face. He greeted me with the biggest smile this morning. Both sides of his mouth were turned up and I saw more teeth than usual.

Colin was discharged from Metro Health Medical Center today and transferred to Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital for Rehabilitation.  Colin rode in an ambulance to the new facility, which is located on the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Shaker Boulevard. This made for an exciting, but scary day for Colin.

 Colin sat in a wheelchair without getting too dizzy and met his new physical and occupational therapists.  He moved into a large room and met his roommate.  Then he got quiet and seemed rather sad.  Maybe it was just too much all at once.

Grandma Judy spent some time with Colin while Paul and I took care of the other kids.  She said Colin rested, met a new doctor, and showered on a special gurney.  When I returned, Colin’s mood was much better.  Grandma Judy must work some sort of magic.  She had him smiling and giggling just the other day, too.

Megan, Colin’s younger sister, was able to visit him for the first time.  She was too young to enter the PICU and could only speak to him on a walkie-talkie at Metro Hospital.  She was amazed by his incision and couldn’t believe he has 62 stitches in his head. Of course she brought more artwork for him.  She makes something for him every day.

Brendan, Colin’s older brother, showed off the stitches he got in his hand on Saturday, but realized that his four were nothing compared to Colin’s.

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