Colin Teets Update 10/20/08

Colin is still battling some gastrointestinal issues today. They are giving him Tylenol and stool softeners to help relieve his pain. Laying in bed, inactive, and without solid food for over a week has really taken a toll on his intestines.

The good news….

Colin passed his swallow test with the exception of thin liquids. The doctor ordered the feeding tube removed and will have a thickening agent added to his drinks until they are certain he will not aspirate on the thin liquids. He was given a plate of food for dinner. It wasn’t pizza and wings like I am sure Colin would love, but it was food nonetheless.  He had mashed potatoes with gravy, some vegetables and four bites of a cheeseburger.

The doctors are very impressed with Colin’s progress. The talk is having him moved to the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital for Rehabilitation as early as Tuesday, October 21 – that’s if they can get everything arranged with insurance, transportation, etc.

Dawn and I had an opportunity to visit the Rehabilitation Hospital. We were impressed with the facility. It seems that he will get personal attention and have a rigorous schedule. That should be good for Colin. They are somewhat flexible with visitation and when he settles in and is ready, I am sure he would love to see all of his friends and family. Hopefully, if he keeps a steady pace of improvement, we will have him back home with us sooner than later.

Colin’s “Aunt” Sue contacted Mark “Munch” Bishop from WKNR, via email, about Colin’s plight. “Munch” read the email and was so touched that he mentioned Colin on his radio show.  Sue sent the clip of “Munch” mentioning Colin from the broadcast and Dawn played it for Colin. He had a big grin and a big “thumbs-up”. Thanks Sue……

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