Former Councilman Completes Basic Training

Demro with his mother, Linda Alvarez
Former Ward II Councilman, Ryan Patrick Demro, recently completed a rigorous training regimen at the United States Army Infantry Center. Located at Fort Benning, Georgia, the Army’s Basic Combat Training Program consists of ten weeks of preparation in the skills requisite to be a soldier in the Army. Upon graduation, Demro moved across base to the Army’s Officer Candidate School (OCS) for another twelve weeks of training in anticipation of receiving a commission as a Second Lieutenant later this summer. “Enduring this type of training has given me a much greater appreciation for the sacrifices made by the soldiers that defend our nation.” Demro, an Army Reservist, explained that the time away from home, family, and friends has been the most difficult part of the training. “It is hard to be away when you are so deeply involved in the life of a community. I miss the people and the Council.” Demro expects to return to Lakewood briefly in August and then permanently in the fall.
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Volume 4, Issue 11, Posted 6:14 PM, 05.17.2008