Healthy Holiday Meal Creations, Lower Fat & Sugar But Still Delicious

Westside Yoga Studio located at 17100 Detroit Ave in Lakewood is offering a special 2 hour workshop with Janee Kuta Liano, Raw Food Chef and Cleanse/Detox Expert on Saturday November 15th from 2-4 PM. Learn how to turn raw foods into delicious culinary creations this holiday season. Surprise your friends and family with dishes sure to please the most stubborn of palates. Janee will provide information and guidance on how decreasing fat and sugar from your diet can produce measurable benefits in increasingnutritional value and controlling weight gain. Sample tastes and recipes are included in this workshop.

What are the benefits of eating a living and raw food diet?

Whether you are eating a little or a lot, raw and living foods provide high-quality nutrition while naturally supporting both proper digestion and a well-functioning immune system. Eating these life-giving foods helps to alkalize the body, a key factor in building excellent health. When the body is in an alkaline state, it is better able both to absorb nutrients and to expel toxins more efficiently. Eating Raw and Living Foods is like taking an internal shower helping to internally cleanse and deodorize your body. Many people who are eating more raw and living foods state that they experience better energy and mental clarity as well.

Come to this workshop and start to live a healthier life this holiday season. For more information please contact Westside Yoga Studio email, phone 440 773-1605 check website,
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