02.09.09 21:05 - Drug Abuse 3509, Drug Paraphernalia 3505,

Address: Madison Ave./Elmwood Ave.

Business Name: Traffic Stop

Number of arrests: 2

Statue/Ordinance: Drug Abuse 3509, Drug Paraphenalia 3506, Warrant 8901

Incident Report:

Topic Original Report

M.O. #1 By having crack cocaine in a plastic bag weighing .84 grams, and in a black ring case weighing .53 grams on her person.

M.O. #2 By having marijuana in a plastic bag located in her right front pants change pocket.

M.O. #3 By having a crack pipe, several pieces of Chore Boy, and a silver push pole in her purse.

On 02/09/08, at 2105 hours, I was traveling westbound on Madison near St. Charles. I heard an excessively loud muffler noise coming from a vehicle in front of me. The sound was coming from the a black 1992 Honda Accord, LIC/EEV3208, traveling westbound on Madison, just passing the intersection of Warren/Madison. When I got behind the vehicle, I observed the driver of the vehicle was not wearing her seatbelt. I activated my overhead emergency lights, and pulled the vehicle over at Elmwood/Madison.

I approached the vehicle and advised ARAiTAMMY LYNN JONES of the reason for the stop. She advised that she knew the muffler to the vehicle was loud, and stated it belonged to her house mate, OWN/KURTIS J WITT. JONES could not provide her driver's license or insurance card. JONES provided me with her MIN information. In running her through LEADS, I learned she had an active warrant out of GOV/HOLMES COUNTY SHERIFF's OFFICE for Failure to Appear for a Violation of a court order. P . 0. HARNER and P.O. HAYES arrived on scene.

During this time, JONES and the passenger, ARA/SHARON LYNN RINKUS, continued to turn around and look back at the patrol car. They appeared to be very nervous. They were both making very furtive moments in the vehicle. JONES leaned over to the passenger side a few times. RINKUS appeared as though she was reaching under the seat of the vehicle. When P.O. HARNER and I approached the vehicle, JONES was across RINKUS'lap on the passenger side. We advised JONES and RINKUS to exit the vehicle. RINKUS explained that the passenger door to the vehicle was broken, and she was attempting to fix it. RINKUS'voice was trembling, and her hands were shaking. She appeared very nervous. It should be noted, when RINKUS exited the vehicle, the door opened without a problem. Because of their movements in the vehicle, for our safety, JONES and RINKUS were patted down for weapons.

JONES was advised of her warrant with HOLMES COUNTY SHERIFF's OFFICE. She was handcuffed and secured in car 209. The warrant was confirmed per C.O. Marmet. While patting down RINKUS, P.O. HARNER felt a rock- like matter along with what felt like a plastic bag material. Based on training and experience, P.O. HARNER thought the material to be a plastic bag with crack cocaine. In RINKUS' right front change pocket, a plastic bag containing rocks of crack cocaine, and a plastic bag containing marijuana were found. RINKUS advised there was more crack cocaine in her right front jacket pocket. We located the crack cocaine in a black ring case. RINKUS was advised that she was under arrest for Felony and Misdemeanor Drug Abuse. She was handcuffed, and secured in car 219.

Prior to towing the vehicle, we conducted an inventory search. We located a crack pipe with a burnt Chore Boy, in an open front pocket of the purse belonging to JONES. There were several other pieces of Chore Boy in the same purse, in the main compartment. These pieces were partially hanging out of the top of the purse with a silver push pole. JONES'driver's license was also located in an outside

Docket. The vehicle was towed to Kufner towing, and marked to be held for WITT.

JONES and RINKUS were transported to the jail. JONES was booked in by C.O. MCCARTHY, A strip search was conducted by Disp MALLOY and I in the secondary cell block. No other contraband was located. JONES received a misdemeanor citation #M39299 for Drug Paraphernalia, and traffic citation #D160141 for Loud Excessive Muffler, and Seatbelt. She was advised of her court date on 02/20/08 at D900 hours. JONES waived her Rule 4 Hearing with the City of Lakewood. HOLMES COUNTY S.O. was advised,

RINKUS was booked in by P.D. RUSNAK. A strip search was conducted by Disp MALLOY and I in the secondary cell block. No other contraband was located.

The crack cocaine and marijuana was field tested. They both tested positive. P.O. HARNER and I tagged and secured the drugs and paraphernalia in the property room drug chute.


JONES as ARA for Drug Paraphernalia
RINKUS as ARA for Felony Drug Abuse and Misdemeanor Drug Abuse
City of Lakewood as VIC for Drug Paraphernalia, and Misdemeanor Drug Abuse
State of Ohio as VIC for Felony Drug Abuse

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