02.08.08 15:05 - Driving Under Suspension/Warrant

Address: 14100 Franklin Blvd.

Business Name: Lakewood High School

Number Arrested: 2

Statue/Ordinance: Driving Under Suspension 5478/Outstanding Warrant 8970

Incident Report:

On 2/8/2008 at 1505hrs. while on patrol at Lakewood High School, LHS Security Director, COM/JOHN CRANE, brought it to my attention that a black SUV with a vanity plate of RHODA 67, had entered the LHS drive, parked under the north gym overhang and "wreaked" of burnt marijuana.

I observed that vehicle parked under the school overhang and approached the open driver's window. A strong odor of burnt marijuana emitted from the open window. The vehicle was running, but parked. I asked the driver, later identified as ARA/WALTER L. MORRISON, to produce a driver's license. MORRISON stated he did not have one with him at that time. While speaking to MORRISON, a younger B/M with a tan work jacket walked from the front of the vehicle toward me. This B/M, later identified as ARA/MECHEAL L. SWEAT, had a strong odor of burnt marijuana on his person. SWEAT stated that he was driving with MORRISON. Both MORRISON and SWEAT gave me their Social Security numbers. Dispatch advised that MORRISON was under suspension and both he and SWEAT had active warrants. Sgt. Wilkins and Officer Jerdonek responded to assist.

MORRISON exited the vehicle, was advised of the active Contempt of Court warrant from Lakewood Municipal Court for Assault which was confirmed by dispatcher LAHOWE. He was handcuffed, searched and placed in the rear seat of Car 209. Officer Jerdonek advised SWEAT that he still had an open juvenile warrant from Cuyahoga County which they had confirmed via telephone and handcuffed him and placed him in the rear seat of Car 220. Both MORRISON and SWEAT stated they were at LHS to pick up a niece. SWEAT stated the only marijuana they had, they smoked on the way driving to LHS.

Vehicle was towed by Kufners.

Officer Jerdonek transported SWEAT to Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center on a Felonious Assault warrant. MORRISON was transported to LPD, booked by CO McCarthy. MORRISON was given citation #D155732 for DUS, FRA suspension from 1/2/2004 to 112/2009, fee required.

Vehicle owner OIV/RHODA DYE stated she was unaware that MORRISON was under suspension.

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Volume 4, Issue 4, Posted 5:52 PM, 02.13.2008