02.07.08 02:36 - Simple Assault 1301, Obstruction 4804, Disorderly Conduct 5301, Warrant 8901

Address: 16207 Detroit Ave.

Business Name: Rite Aid Drug Store

Number Arrested: 2

Statue/Ordinance: Disorderly Conduct - 509.03

Incident Report:

MO: By punching victim in the head knocking him to the ground. Kicking the victim several times while he was on the ground.

MO: By running away from officers after being ordered to stop.

MO: By being voluntarily intoxicated, having a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person. Slurred speech, unsteady on his feet, blood shot and glassy eyes. Created a risk of harm to himself and others due to his condition.

On 2/7/07, at 0236 hrs., I was on patrol in the area of Westlake and Detroit when I observed three males who appeared to be fighting. The males were on the south side of Detroit in front of Rite Aid. I pulled up on the scene and a male in a blue sweatshirt (later identified as ARA/ JUSTIN CAMERON) ran elb on Detroit. The other male, wearing a white T- shirt, was secured in handcuffs by this officer. This male identified himself as ARA/ROMAN CARINGI. The third male was on the lying on the ground. He was identified as VIC/JAMES ROBERTSON. Two other males were in the area, O1V/RONALD WISE and OIV/KORY WISE. I did not witness RONALD or KORY involved in the incident. ROBERTSON advised RONALD tried to help him prior to my arrival. RONALD and KORY were released at the scene.

PTL. MOLNAR and PTL. GAMPFER arrived to assist. PTL. MOLNAR observed CAMERON in the parking lot of the Zeis funeral home at 16501 Detroit. PTL. MOLNAR ran toward CAMERON and ordered CAMERON to stop several times but he refused and started running again. CAMERON was taken into custody by PTL. MOLNAR and PTL. GAMPFER after a short foot pursuit.

ROBERTSON advised, he was walking home from Bobby O's and he heard people running up behind him. ROBERTSON stated he turned around and CARINGI punched him in the right side of the head. ROBERTSON advised he fell to ground and CARINGI and CAMERON began kicking him. ROBERTSON stated CARINGI jumped on his leg several times. I asked ROBERTSON if he needed medical attention and he said yes. ROBERTSON advised he has no idea why CAMERON and CARINGI assaulted him.

Squad #2 arrived on scene and transported ROBERTSON to the ER. At the time of this report ROBERTSON was being evaluated by Dr. Nelson. It is unknown at this time the extent of ROBERTSONS injuries. INV. DEUCHER took photos of ROBERTSONS left leg which appeared to be a little swollen. ROBERTSON advised he does desire prosecution. ROBERTSON was advised on a contempt of court warrant for non appearance on a ccs violation out of our department.

CAMERON and CARING[ were transported to LPD by PTL. MOLNAR and booked in By PTL. DE. MCCARTHY. CAMERON was issued criminal citation numbers M40593, M40594, and M40595 for obstruction, dci, and assault. CARINGI was issued criminal citation numbers M40596 and M40597 for assault and dci. CARINGI has a warrant out of GOV/KENT P. D. The warrant was confirmed by Butcher and KENT P.D. placed a holder. CARINGI has a CCH BCI #C2487899 and FBI #943614FCO. CAMERON does not have a CCH.

On 2/7/07, 1 followed up with followed RONALD. I asked him if he was involved in the incident prior to my arrival. RONALD advised he was on his way home from work and he saw CARINGI and CAMERON kicking ROBERTSON. RONALD said he did try to help ROBERTSON prior to my arrival, and admitted he did punch one of them in an attempt to get them to stop. RONALD further advised, himself and KORY would be coming in to talk to the detective bureau regarding the incident.

It should be noted that neither CARINGI nor CAMERON mentioned anything to this officer about being assaulted.

Record room note:
Robertson is the victim of assault.
City of Lakewood is victim of dci and obstructing official business.
Cameron is ARA for assault, obstruction, and dci.
Caringi is ARA for assault and dci.

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