Halo 3 Game review

Game: Halo 3
Developer: Bungie (www.Bungie.net)
Style: First Person Shooter
Modes: single player, multiplayer, online multiplayer.
ESRB Rating: Mature (17+) for and gore, mild language, and .
Cost: $59.99
My Rating: 4.5 / 5 stars

Halo 3, Bungies third and final installment in the Halo series, is one of the preeminent first person shooters for the X-Box 360, out to date . Whether you want fast paced online action, in depth campaign play, visually appealing graphics, or you just feel like messing up some aliens, look no further than Halo 3.

You don’t have to play the first two Halo games to have fun on the third, but it would help to follow the storyline. From battling the flood, a parasitic alien race that is bent on the destruction of all life, to battling the covenant, an alien race whose only goal is to destroy all humans, you'll find no quandary running out of things to shoot at during the campaign mode. Also, there are an array of battlefields. The fights range from earth-like battlefronts to alien ships in the depths of space. The variety of enemies and battlefields makes campaign mode hours of fun, not to mention the four difficulty levels.

If you would rather test your skills against other players instead of the AI, then get ready for one of the best online games on the market today. With over ten maps to fight on and over ten game types Halo 3 makes for hours of fun with its multi player mode. To play online, however, you will need to get an X-Box live account, which is sixty dollars and can be found at your local game store. While playing online there are over five hundred thousand other players to compete against at any given time. Online play also offers a ranking system in which players get experience points and build on their rank with each win they achieve. From first hand experience, Halo 3’s online play is the best of any game out right now.

If I had to pick one fault with the game it would be that campaign mode can be a bit short, and you might find the game boring after beating campaign mode if you don’t have online play. Overall I give Halo 4.5 out of 5 stars. The Halo series will forever be remembered as one of the best game trilogies ever created and Halo 3 ends the series brilliantly.
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Volume 4, Issue 2, Posted 9:32 PM, 01.13.2008