The Lunch Bunch

For those of you who have never had lunch at the Hylander you'll have no idea what this article is about. Those of you who have been there will smile and think "Oh yeah, those guys are always there. " Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday ( Tuesday they are all at Kiwanis ) you can find an eclectic group of men from noon until one having lunch together. There is Les Wilson, retired owner of Wilson and Sons Landscaping, John Brinkman, owner of Brinkman-Dress funeral home, Greg Hillow, insurance agent, Tex Phillips, retired salesman and Tom McDonough, retired from the City of Lakewood, just to name a few. These gentlemen solve all the problems of the world at lunch from politics and city planning to health and family issues. They give the waitresses plenty of ribbing as well.

The Hylander is located in the heart of Lakewood, a great place to stop in for a quick meal, a cup of coffee, or our own Gary Rice's favorite rice pudding. The staff is always friendly and ready to greet you when you arrive. The atmosphere is that of the classic hometown restaurant. Stop in some time and check out the menu, you'll see what I mean.

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Volume 4, Issue 9, Posted 1:38 PM, 04.11.2008