Shhhh...It's a surprise! That's what Bob and Kathy Wirtz's eleven children were hoping for last Friday when they held a surprise 60th birthday party for their parents. The pouring rain did nothing to dampen anyone's spirits as they waited for the birthday couple to arrive. How 11 kids plus spouses and friends managed to keep all of this under wraps is beyond me but, they did, as evidenced by the shocked looks on Bob and Kathy's faces.

The Wirtz's have raised their beautiful family in Lakewood and have been in their home on Wagar ave. for 33 years. Their house is always full of family, kids, grandkids, ( 14 at last count with another on the way ) and lots and lots of love. The video the family put together didn't leave many dry eyes in the room along with plenty of laughs over the many changing hairstyles over the years.

Thanks for the invitation guys, I felt very special to be included on such a meaningful occasion. The evening was just perfect, even with the rain. And, no Mr. Wirtz, I am not! Happy Birthday to you both, have a blessed year.

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Volume 4, Issue 10, Posted 6:32 PM, 05.08.2008