02/01/08 22:59 Disorderly conduct

Address: 11802 Detroit Ave.

Business Name: Phantasy Night Club

Number Arrested: 6

Statue/Ordinance: Disorderly Conduct - 509.03

Incident Report:

MO: By voluntarily engaging in a fight which presented a risk of physical harm to persons and property which served no lawful or reasonable purpose.

Sgt. Eschweiler, Sir:

On 2/1 /08 at 2259 hours all patrol officers were sent code three to 11802 Detroit, Phantasy, on a report of a fight inside the bar. On arrival we could see parties fighting inside the bar from the street. There were about 150 people in the bar. Some were fighting and other were trying to leave out the door. We entered the bar and found three separate groups fighting in the lobby. We identified ourselves as Lakewood Police Officer and ordered the parties to stop fighting. No one obeyed or orders to stop. Three of the males were sprayed with OC spray by PTL BROWN because they refused to release from one another. The three groups fighting then broke up. Four males were secured in handcuffs and advised that they were under arrest for disorderly conduct. CPD was contacted to assist. On their arrival they assisted with crowd control outside the bar and made sure that all parties left the area.

While in the lobby, patrons were coming down the stairs and advised that people were still fighting upstairs. PTL W.McCARTHY, INV DEUCHER, PTL MOLNAR and I responded upstairs. We observed two more males fighting. We were able to get them separated and secured in handcuffs. They were advised that they were under arrest for disorderly conduct.

I spoke to the bar owner and she was identified as OWN/ CATHERINE DeFRASIA. She stated that she did not know what triggered the altercation. She stated that tonight's show was for 16-21 year olds. She was advised that a report would be completed regarding the incident. She advised that no damage was done to the bar.

The following males that were arrested for disorderly conduct were identified as follows: ARAI DOMINIQUE BRIDGES, ARAI DAVID COOK, ARA/ BRIAN LIEDTKE, ARAI JOHNATHON DISSELL, ARA/ ANTHONY PFAFF, and ARA/ PRESTON BLANKENSHIP. Squad one arrived on scene for the males that were sprayed with OC spray. A sudacon wipe was administered to LIEDTKE, DISSELL and BLANKENSHIP. No one was transported to the hospital.

LIEDTKE and DISSELL were secured in unit #220 and transported to the station. PFAFF was secured in unit #213 and transported to the station. BRIDGES was secured in unit #216 and transported to the station. BLANKENSHIP was not intoxicated. He was released on citation at the scene by PTL BROWN and was issued citation #M40833 for disorderly conduct. COOK had been drinking and was released on scene by PTL GAMPFER to his brother, OIV/ CHRISTOPHER COOK. While releasing COOK, BLANKENSHIP'S brother arrived on the scene and subsequently was arrested for DCI and Resisting Arrest.

At the station, DISSELL, LIEDTKE and PFAFF were released to their friend OIV/ ALEXANDRA SPENCE. DISSELL was issued citation #M40461 for disorderly conduct. LIEDTKE was issued citation #M40460 for disorderly conduct. PFAFF was issued citation #M40589 for disordedy conduct.

BRIDGES was released to his cousin, OlV/ RHONDA EDWARDS, and was issued citation #M39801 for disorderly conduct. In speaking to all parties involved, no one could explain what they were fighting about.

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