Colin Teets Update 11/5/08

Colin & AJ
Colin started the day without me.  (I took Megan and Kevin to the dermatologist.)  Julie scheduled OT for 8:00 am to work on activities of daily living – dressing, eating, brushing teeth, etc. Then he went right to school with Tadz at 9:00.  He practiced writing with his left hand.  (While I was away I stopped by his school to pick up work from his teachers – I bet tomorrow things get a little tougher in school.)  During PT Colin was hooked up to an SEMG which electrically measures muscle movement.  Dr. Jeff says he did awesome.  Colin concluded his morning with SLT at 11:00 am with Lisa.  She has created a super long list of words for him to practice and he is taking sips of water on his own.  His swallow test has been scheduled for next Wednesday, November 12th. Aunt Sarah brought Colin his favorite for lunch: a chicken-bacon-ranch from Subway.  She said he wasn’t quite himself.  She couldn’t convince him to go outside or play a game so they just enjoyed each other’s company.  (I’m thinking he was sad because I was gone so long.)  Grandma Pat joined them for a while and I made it back around 1:00 pm.Colin went to group and another half hour session of speech.  During group Colin tells me they wrote a newspaper that I will have the opportunity to buy for a quarter on Friday.  I can’t wait.Grandma Judy stayed with Colin tonight while I went to class.  They hung out and watched a movie called Leatherheads.  Colin liked it.  Grandma said it was “okay”.  A.J. came for a visit with his family tonight, too.  More gum!  I love how everyone is willing to help him with his homework!  Schedule week of 11/1: For those that have inquired about visiting Colin during the week, his open times are as follows: Mon. 12-1, 2-4, 4:30-8; Tues. 10-11, 12-2, 3-8; Wed. 12-1, 3-8; Thurs. 12-2, 3-8; Fri. 12-1, 2-8
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