Coin Wash Laundry

Okay shoppers, you may be scratching your head at my choice for Secret Shopper this issue, but I have my reasons. Gone are the days for me of doing laundry at a laundromat. Having our own washer and dryer at the house means that I have not had to visit one in several years. That is, until this past month, when a stomach bug was going around town. My daughter crawled into bed with me, not feeling so well, and before I could get the bucket, well I won’t go into details.

After taking care of her I rolled up my new king sized comforter, rinsed it out, and went back to bed wondering how I would ever clean it. While I was talking to my friend Kathy Curran she mentioned that her son opened a laundomat, Coin Wash Laundry, 16212 Madison Ave. (Northland Plaza) and that I could drop my comforter off to have it cleaned. Kathy is the owner of Goddess Blessed on Madison and her son, Dan Sinatra, a Lakewood native, proudly opened his business with his girlfriend, Jennifer Giancaterino, right up the road from his mom.

I dropped off my comforter at her son’s new laundromat and learned that it opened September 2006. I was surprised how clean and new it was. Before Dan and Jennifer opened Coin Wash Laundry they totally revamped the old laundromat, and put in all new energy efficient machines, including a sixty pound washer that handles up to five loads at once. Owner Dan greeted me and cheerfully accepted my comforter to clean. Next to it was a comforter that had been a target for someone's canine accident. There are some things that are just worth the money, and having someone else clean the target of a stomach upset is one of them for me. For fifteen dollars, it was the bargain of the month.

What makes this laundry stand out is that they have Wi-fi available for customers to work while their laundry spins, offers hot coffee, and has café style seating. It is also an asset to be situated in a shopping plaza with a well-lit and safe parking lot. Their services include laundry by the pound which means they will wash, dry and fold your laundry. While this may not be an option for many, I thought it could be a great gift certificate to give to a new mother or a sick friend or relative. When I asked Dan what motivated him to open his business, he replied “I just love Lakewood and want to provide something nice for the community”.

I know this subject isn’t as exciting as antiques and art, but I still believe it is well worth mentioning, in case one of life’s little unplanned emergencies hits, or if you need a nice place to do laundry. Those emergencies usually hit right after you buy a brand new comforter. Laundry may not top the list of our favorite things to do, but we might as well pick a place that is clean, safe, friendly, and owned by a Lakewood resident. I hope that all your accidents end up in a bucket or far away outside, but if they don’t, keep this site on your list. It may be the first time you actually enjoy doing laundry.

Coin Wash Laundry, 16212 Madison Ave., Hours 9AM to 9 PM.

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Volume 3, Issue 9, Posted 11:30 AM, 04.26.2007