Anyone need a friend?

Hi, my name is Sambucco. I am a gorgeous black cat with green eyes. I was rescued by a nice lady when the temperatures were bitterly cold in January. At first I was very frightened and wouldn't let anyone touch me, but the lady was so nice that eventually I warmed up to the idea of being held and pet. You know, I really started to like it! Now I just want to sit with someone and snuggle while they watch TV. I would like to play with that special someone too.

Unfortunately, there are already a few cats in this house who don't like me, so I need another home. I am still shy at first and get scared easily, so I need someone who is gentle and patient but I will reward your patience with lots of affection and loyalty.

I like my name, Sambucco, since I think it makes me sound exotic and mysterious, but I will answer to just plain “Sammy”. I'm named after the Italian licorice flavored liqueur, Sambucca, but my name ends with an 'o' since I'm a boy. Oh yeah, speaking of that, the only complaint I have about this nice lady is that she "fixed" me and got me stuck with needles to get something called "shots".

I would so like to have a home of my own where I can feel comfortable without these other cats giving me dirty looks. If I sound like someone you would like to have as a friend, please call the lady. I think her name is Jill. 216-221-3707

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Volume 3, Issue 6, Posted 2:22 PM, 03.15.2007